Raw Dead Space Remake Gameplay Surfaces Online

A recent footage of a highly anticipated game has leaked online.

Dead Space is a mix of thrill and horror, released by Electronic Arts. Several changes have been made to the game, including corridors that are darker than ever, and horrible enemies at your throat all the time. Have a look at how John Carpenter wants to direct a Dead Space Movie for a different take on what we have here.

Moreover, several puzzles have also become a part of Dead Space. Watching the trailer of all the shooting and firing, there is a lot that the gamers have to say about it. Also, there are points where the game would take such a drastic turn for all the gamers.

With that said, gameplay footage for the game has emerged in relatively recent times, but the source of these videos isn’t official. A YouTuber going by the name of PPE PL has uploaded several videos of Dead Space Remake’s gameplay on the famous video streaming platform. 


  • Raw Dead Space Remake gameplay has been uploaded to YouTube. 
  • The gameplay seems to stir up confusion regarding the finished product. 
  • 7 different gameplay footage have been published.

A total of 7 different gameplay videos have been published with each of them spanning over 10 minutes. Take a look at PPE PL’s YouTube channel for the whole swath of the uploaded footage. The odd part is that the game isn’t looking quite like it was advertised in earlier times. 

This leads us to consider the possibility that the gameplay videos might be of an earlier build. Take a look at the video below and remark on yourself.

YouTube video

Remake Gameplay

At the beginning of the third chapter, players will find themselves at Ishimuar’s Hangar Bay. From there make your way to the room of control in Engineering. Players need to do that to restart the engine of the ship.

Players will come across two lurkers there and kill them with the use of a Pulse Rifle. As well as that, the trusty Plasma Cutter of Isaac will also come in handy for such missions.

After that, players need to head towards the station of refueling through the shop of the Machine. There are several enhancements in the area of graphics that supports the Dismemberment of Strategies. You can make use of Kinesis to get a gondola. This will help you get to the Refueling Station’s south side.

Get access to the management of the Fuel office, where all the functions of powers are included in the refueling station. There is no power in the station refueling,  hence players should start looking for some way of getting access t the management of the fuel office. 

However, for some players, the experience might be a little claustrophobic as they are locked with a bunch of Necromorphs. There are many small details added in the remake of Dead Space, such as effects of Particles, lighting, debris floating, and much more. 

Several sources have revealed that the game is set for a release in the mid of October, and it’s just started.  Moreover, some of the parts of the game were revealed earlier. Due to that, many players have already started playing the game, hence the leaked footage of Dead Space. 

Raw Dead Space Remake Gameplay Surfaces Online
Dead Space Gameplay. 

However, not all of the footage of the game has come to view by the audience. It is still on the list of waiting for many gamers. Check out our news on Dead Space Remake on the Xbox Store.

Audience Remarks

Since the footage was leaked, players have got to say much about the game. Remarks have been made, and comments were passed. 

Players have made comments and demands of including Peter Griffin in the game, whereas some feel that making Lois get repaired has turned against them. 

Some of the more comments show an intense want for include Fry, Shut Up And Take My Money”. Players also want Dan Allen Gaming to be a part of Dead Space. People are constantly curious if Electronic Arts would even allow such a change to be a part of the game.

Gamers are also inquiring about Calisto as his presence would make the game even more interesting.  They are constantly wondering if the protocol of Calisto is given to them in the game. Mostly, the players are just hoping that the game makes a release and does not keep them waiting. 

Players also wonder if EA is still gonna hold an event for the NFS or if are they going to back out. Dead Space has been in demand for quite a while and with the leaked footage it is going to strike even more chords for players worldwide. 

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