Apex Legends: Hunted Brings New Legend, Map Changes, & More

The upcoming Season brings a new recon Legend, jaw-dropping skins, map changes, and the highly-requested level cap increase.

Apex Legends is back with a new Season, more vigorous than the last. The new Season, Hunted, makes a glorious return to Kings Canyon, only this time, the map is Reforged Kings Canyon. Filled with new crisp locations, rediscover what made this timeless map a player favorite.

As with every new Season beginning, we see our new Legend, Vantage, in Hunted. Vantage is a recon-type Legend, mostly used to scope out enemies and track them afar. Her abilities shine most in a supportive role; her passive ability, Spotter’s Lens, allows her to see her enemies’ shield amounts. Her tactical ability, Echo Relocation, allows her to teleport to Echo, her winged companion, and finally, her ultimate ability, Sniper’s Mark, which (you guessed it) is a sniper rifle. If shot at an enemy, it marks them for extra damage.

The Battle Pass in Apex Legends is always worth getting, mostly because you can buy the next Season’s Battle Pass as well if you save its currency. With every Battle Pass, the development team puts the most distinguished skin they have at the end of the Battle Pass.

These skins are exclusive to the weapon they are given, and Hunted is no exception. In this Season, the weapon of interest is Triple Take, a sniper rifle that, you guessed it, shoots three bullets. One of the largest changes here is the addition of a very requested feature, an increase to the level cap.

For the past year or so, the level cap has been stuck at Level 500, but this seems to be changing greatly. Players will be able to restart their level cap once they reach Level 500 up to three times. This effectively increases the level cap from Level 500 to Level 2000.

All in all, the upcoming update has been hyping up every player of the critically acclaimed title. With new care package weapons, a new recon Legend, stunning skins, and an improved map, this Season will surely not disappoint. Hunted is scheduled to be coming to Apex Legends on the 9th of August, and players can’t wait.

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