Counter-Strike 2’s Latest Hotfix Adjusts Matchmaking Rating Differences

The update has added an official matchmaking datacenter, escalating the game's matchmaking capacity.

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  • Valve has rolled out two important patches for Counter-Strike 2, aiming to fix significant bugs related to graphics, animations, and more.
  • The hitbox alignment bugs have finally been addressed hoping for a smooth gunplay experience.
  • Some CPU improvements have been made and an official matchmaking data center has been added to one of the regions in the game.

Valve has released two significant updates for Counter-Strike 2, finally fixing the hitbox alignment bugs. According to the patch notes, the devs aim to fix various issues related to the game’s graphics, animations, and maps while adding an official matchmaking data center in one of the regions. The first-person shooter was met with a mixed reception from the community following a number of pressing issues ruining the overall gameplay.

CS2 October 9 patch
CS2 October 9 patch

One of the most significant issues this update has addressed is hitbox alignment bugs. Valve confirms to have fixed several of them. With that, a balanced gunplay experience is expected moving forward. Players were also reporting slower knife spinning compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which now has been optimized to a faster pace. More weapon animations have also been revised for smoother gameplay.

Among the graphics improvements in this update for Counter-Strike 2, the devs have fixed the bug that would make the feet appear black when looked down at them through a scope. Players also faced memory leaking issues due to particles, which too has been addressed. Bug fixes also expand to maps. Mirage, Vertigo, and Nuke have all been revised for their known issues.

Moving forward, Valve has also fixed the bug with the “Looking to Play” feature in Counter-Strike 2. Loadout changes will now be saved safely. Valve has also made crucial CPU performance improvements for weapon tracers. Lastly, for players to have a joyful multiplayer experience, the update has added an official matchmaking data center in Chengdu, China, enabling players in that region to easily locate matches.

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The second update for Counter-Strike 2 isn’t as hefty as the first. However, it makes some noticeable adjustments to matchmaking. According to the patch notes, matches will now be made with smaller rating differences between the teams at the expense of longer queue times. Moreover, Relegation and Promotion matches will only occur at color boundaries.

Counter-Strike 2 October 10 Update Patch Notes
Counter-Strike 2 October 10 Update Patch Notes

Counter-Strike 2 is a 2023 tactical first-person shooter released on September 27 for Windows and Linux-based operating systems. If you are new to Valve’s tactical shooter, check out this detailed guide on the CS2 ranking system. To rank up fast, hop on to the elaborate guide on how to rank up fast in CS2

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