Counter Strike 2: How To Rank Up Fast In CS2?

Rank up with ease by using these tips in Counter Strike 2.

Ranking up in the competitive mode of CS2 is not easy, in fact, with today’s sheer amount of skilled and experienced players found in competitive matches of CS2, it’s quite impossible to rank up if you don’t really know the basics of the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Learning the basics of CS2 is very important to rank up in the competitive mode of the game.
  • CS2 has two ranking systems, the private rank, and the more important competitive rank.
  • To play the game competitively you need to have a good PC with an internet connection that is faster and stable, as well as high-quality gaming peripherals.
  • To rank up in the game, it is recommended to find similarly skilled players to play with daily. This will help you improve your skills and strategies, and ultimately increase your chance of ranking up.
  • Playing solo matchmaking is considered to be difficult, if not impossible, to rank up in. This is because playing with others who are equally skilled or better will help you to learn faster and improve your overall gameplay.

Learn The Basics Of CS2

Learning the essential basic aspects of CS2’s gameplay is the very first part of getting on the road to ranking up in the game competitively.

As a veteran of CS myself, with almost 2,000 hours of gameplay on record. I’ll be mentioning each and every aspect of my journey with CS2 and the best methods I found to be the most effective in getting you the rank you want. So, if you really want to rank up fast in CS2 then read on.

Ranking System In CS2

cs2 competitive matches
Competitive Matches in CS2 [Screenshot by eXputer]
Counter Strike 2 Ranking system is pretty easy to follow. The ranks start from Silver I and go all the way to Global Elite. As most CS players would know the ranks are determined by Matchmaking Rating (MMR). This rating changes by the kills you do and your win/loss records.

Therefore, in a nutshell, you need to enhance your skill level and your performance to increase your rank in CS2. This can be broken down into further tips which we have mentioned ahead.

Improve PC, Internet Connection, & Gaming Peripherals

Gaming Gear
Gaming Gear

In order to play CS2 competitively, you really have to take your technical gear to the next level. Get a very good Internet Connection (CS2 doesn’t need speedy internet, but a stable and seamless one). Make sure your PC is able to run the game at an average of 250-300 FPS (Yes, all professional players of CS2 play the game at 250+ FPS).

Now finally get gaming gear, technically a good mouse designed for FPS games, a mechanical keyboard to get your movement game strong, and a good pair of headphones to keep up with the footsteps of your enemies.

Play With Skillful Players

online players cs2
CS2 Searching for players [Image Credits: eXputer]
If you are serious and determined about ranking up in CS2 then you must get a team to play with. Finding good teammates in a random Match Making is very rare, usually, you’ll get toxic and salty teammates. But once you go pro, trust me the pro community of CS2 is much better than any other game’s community.

Try to join your local gamers of CS2 on Teamspeak, Discord, or Facebook groups, explore and find good teammates that are on your skill level, compatible with you, and serious about ranking up as well, just like you.

Yes, it’ll be very hard to find four other guys on your mental level but it isn’t impossible. The thing that is impossible in my point of view is ranking up solo in matchmaking. Getting a team and playing with them daily will give you numerous advantages in ranking up competitively.

Increase Your Solo Gameplay Skill

improve your game in CS2
CS2 Improve gameplay [Image Credits: eXputer]
All of the points mentioned above won’t get you anywhere if your solo gameplay skill is not good enough. Your teammates won’t be able to carry you every time, and your expensive PC, peripherals and internet connection won’t be able to do wonders if your solo decisions, gameplay style, entry fragging ways, and instincts in the game are null.

So definitely get your solo game up, we have a whole separate guide on how to get better at CS2, take a look at it if you want to take your own skill to the next level. This will help you a lot in ranking up as well, you’ll be able to handle aim fights, clutch situations, and various other in-game situations making you a superior CS2 player all over.

Don’t Quit And Never Lose Hope

Getting better at CS2 is a matter of time, you won’t be a better player by just implementing these things but giving it your time will make you better at the game.

You’ll find players that have years of experience in the game in Matchmaking destroying you to bits and pieces sometimes, this doesn’t mean that you’ll lose hope and stop grinding hard in the game.

So there you have it, a rather simple guide that can help you rank up fast in CS2. The gist of it all is to not lose hope and focus on your gameplay, last but not least try finding a good group to play with!


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