How to rank up in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Rank up with ease!

Ranking up in the competitive mode of CS:GO is not easy, in fact with today’s sheer amount of skilled and experienced players found in competitive matches of CS:GO, it’s quite impossible to rank up if you don’t really know the basics of the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Learning the basics of CS GO (Counter-strike: Global Offensive ) is very important to rank up in the competitive mode of the game.
  • CS GO has two ranking systems, the private rank, and the more important competitive rank. The competitive rank is based on ELO and there are 18 ranks in total.
  • To play the game competitively you need to have a good PC with an internet connection that is faster and stable, as well as high-quality gaming peripherals.
  • To rank up in the game, it is recommended to find similarly skilled players to play with daily. This will help you improve your skills and strategies, and ultimately increase your chance of ranking up.
  • Playing solo matchmaking is considered to be difficult, if not impossible, to rank up in. This is because playing with others who are equally skilled or better will help you to learn faster and improve your overall gameplay.

Learn the basics of CS:GO

Learning the essential basic aspects of CSGO’s gameplay is the very first part of getting on the road to ranking up in the game competitively. As a veteran of CSGO myself, with almost 2,000 hours of gameplay on record. I’ll be mentioning each and every aspect of my journey with CSGO and the best methods I found to be the most effective in getting you the rank you want. So, if you really want to rank up and you are serious about the game, read on.

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Don’t Consider CS:GO as the average FPS game, It’s more than that.

Here are some basic tricks and tips that you need to learn before even thinking about ranking up in the game

1: Ranking System

There are two separate ranking systems in CSGO, the primary ranking system is called ‘Private Rank’ and the most important one is called ‘Competitive Rank’.

  • Private Rank – In short words, you don’t have to worry about the private rank because you can increase your private rank by just doing anything in the game ranging from random deathmatches, casual matches and all sorts of unranked pickup games. The private rank can be increased to a maximum of Rank 40, after that the rank resets to Rank 1, rewarding you with a service medal which you can pin on your CSGO profile. If you reach rank 40 twice or thrice in a year you’ll get different colored service medals which are very valuable and are considered to be as the ‘Rare Items’, also in competitive games, other players might envy you just because you have these hard-earned medals, Just saying.
    Private Ranking System
    Private Ranking System
  • Competitive Rank – Competitive Rank is the most important aspect of CSGO and it is as hard as it sounds, ranking up competitively is not typically a walk in the park. This rank only variates if you play a full 5v5 competitive match. CS:GO’s competitive ranks depends upon the ELO you earn and lose in your competitive matches, the ELO criteria is rather very complex and vague. There are a total of 18 competitive ranks in CSGO. After your very first 10 competitive won matches, valve decides and puts you in the category of skill from where you belong making ranking up very easy and very hard at the same time. If you’re a new player you’ll be thrown straight in the Silver rank and then you’ll have to start your journey from there to the end, which is very crucial if you ask me. If you’re a better player and you played your first 10 matches with a good amount of kills and K/D ratio there’s a good chance your opening rank might start from Gold Nova, putting you on a good position to start your journey. But, it’s okay if you’ve been thrown in the Silver rank, read on because that’s exactly what we’re going to guide you in this guide.
All Competitive Ranks
All Competitive Ranks

2: Get a good PC, Internet Connection and Gaming Peripherals.

In all of my guides related to CS:GO, I’ve always pointed out this. In order to play the game competitively, you really have to take your technical gear to the next level. Get a very good Internet Connection (Not fast but stable, CS:GO doesn’t need speedy internet, but a stable and seamless one) Make sure your PC is able to run the game at an average of 250-300FPS (Yes, all professional players of CSGO play the game at 250+ FPS because it does make a significant difference in your game if you really have those insane frames to take those quick shots and one tap).

However for some reason if you aren’t getting good FPS in-game even if you have a good PC then go ahead and check out our ‘How to increase or get better FPS‘ guide for all possible methods of increasing FPS properly. Now finally get gaming gear, technically a good mouse designed for FPS games, a mechanical keyboard to get your movement game strong, and a good pair of headphones to keep up with the footsteps of your enemies.

Gaming Gear
Gaming Gear

3: Find similar people to your skill level in CSGO and play with them on daily basis.

If you are serious and determined about ranking up in CS:GO then you must get a team to play with. Finding good teammates in a random Match Making is very rare, usually, you’ll get toxic and salty teammates in the game sadly because the community of CS:GO is not really on the nicer side. But once you go pro, trust me the pro community is much better than any other game’s community.

Try to join your local gamers of CS:GO on Teamspeak, discord, or facebook groups, explore and find good teammates that are on your skill level, compatible with you, and serious about ranking up as well, just like you. Yes, it’ll be very hard to find four other guys on your mental level but it isn’t impossible. The thing which is impossible in my point of view is ranking up solo in matchmaking. Getting a team and playing with them daily will get you numerous advantages in ranking up competitively.

Playing with a lobby is the way to go

4: Increase your solo gameplay skill

All of the points mentioned above won’t get you anywhere if your solo gameplay skill is still in shambles, your teammates won’t be able to carry you every time, and your expensive PC, peripherals and internet connection won’t be able to do wonders if your solo decisions, gameplay style, entry fragging ways, and instincts in the game are null.

So definitely get your solo game up, we have a whole separate guide on how to get better at CSGO, take a look at it if you want to take your own skill to the next level. This will help you a lot in ranking up as well, you’ll be able to handle aim fights, clutch situations, and various other in-game situations making you a superior CS:GO player all over.

Aim Practice always does the job
Aim Practice always does the job

5: Don’t Quit and never lose hope

Getting better at CS:GO is a matter of time, you won’t be a better player by just implementing these things but giving it your time will make you better at the game. You’ll find players that have years of experience in the game in Matchmaking destroying you to bits and pieces sometimes, this doesn’t mean that you’ll lose hope and stop grinding hard in the game.

At times you’ll face hackers in the matchmaking, sadly yes facing hackers is another fiasco of CS:GO and the valve doesn’t do much for it. If you’re tired of hackers, play on ESEA or Faceit these are separate pickup games of CSGO and you won’t face any hackers, especially in ESEA, and in faceit, sometimes you’ll find hackers. ESEA is a paid PUG but free of hackers completely so your money won’t be wasted. There is a separate ranking system for these PUGS as well. Ultimately, you’ll get better over the years and who knows you might even reach the Global Elite rank. So, never stop playing and never lose hope in the game.

Good luck.

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