Stray Hotfix 2 Adds More Fullscreen Options And Fixes GPU Driver Issues

Chronicles of our favorite feline can now be experienced in exclusive full screen.

Stray has shaken the cyberpunk genre by amalgamating a dystopian sci-fi world with the paw-fectness of felines. The lonely human-less world almost feels light-hearted due to our main protagonist being a playful cat pushing paint cans off the ledges. Stray features a full-fledged adventure game that walks away from the integration of fighting sequences and just focuses on exploring the well-brewed atmosphere.

The neon-lit rustic streets are plagued by zurks, little beasties lashing out on the scared cat at every chance they get. The feline will have to venture through the zurk-infested unsightly gooey areas to meet up with your lost family. Unfortunately, the limitations are set in place such that the feline cannot climb everywhere unless the game allows it.

The sense of an open world futuristic dystopian world is portrayed beautifully in Stray, and although the previous areas cannot be accessed after hitting a certain checkpoint, the game warns before moving to a new area. Stray is the perfect example of a modern point-and-click adventure game mixed with platforming elements. The title sold incredibly well even before the official release, reaching #3 in the Steam Weekly Global Top Seller.

Stray Hotfix 1 brought much-needed bug fixes to the game, like “fall through the world”, where the afraid feline gets stuck mid-air or the character keeps moving back to a specific place. The recently released Stray Hotfix 2 is now here and it brings “additional fullscreen options including proper exclusive fullscreen support.” This means that the world of Stray can be experienced in fullscreen with exclusive support now. 

The recent patch notes also iterate the rest of the lingering issues, such as fixes regarding GPU driver issues for some players, collision fixes, and more. The game resolves the issue that prevented some users from booting. The patch note elaborated, “Engine fix for some users who are unable to boot due to GPU driver issues.”

The fixes also include “collision fixes to prevent going out of the world,” and adds “Additional checks to prevent VR headsets from interfering with the game client.” The uncapped framerate option has been moved to the right from the left side. There are localization fixes for the German language and the issue regarding the scratch trophy for keyboard and mouse players is also resolved.

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