Stray Hotfix 1 Fixes “Fall Through The World” Bug

The first small patch for Stray is here, with another patch to address GPU driver issues coming in soon.

Before its release two days ago, Stray climbed the sales ladder and became #3 on the Steam Weekly Global Top Seller. That says something for a game from a small developer, BlueTwelve Studio. The game itself is revolutionizing and shaping a genre. However, with all that being said, the game is still new and has some bugs here and there.

Players have been dealing with these minor and some major bugs after the game’s release. The developer decided to throw in an early small patch to address the issue, Stray Hotfix 1. It’s just a small update for Stray that addresses some of the common issues faced by the players.

In Stray’s recent patch notes, the developer said that the small update fixes some of the “fall through the world” bugs. These bugs have been circulating on YouTube where players get stuck midair or their character keeps going back to a certain place.

Furthermore, the update also addresses the bug in the first zurk chase. More specifically the bug that prevents players from progressing in the first zurk chase. In Stray, zurk chases are events where small yellow objects start to chase you around and you have to run from them.

At the end of the patch notes, the developer thanked all the players that reported the bugs to the developers. It further added that there will be another update for Stray in the coming days and this new update is possibly going to address the GPU driver issues for the game.

As we mentioned the game is still new, and so far, it’s going strong. However, there are some bugs and issues, as with many other new games. The developer is trying its best to resolve issues in the game and players are helping it by reporting the bugs. That said, it’s yet to be seen how the upcoming patches for Stray will perform. 

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