Dead Space Remake Listed On The Xbox Store

The game goes live on Xbox as we near its release.

The long-rumored Dead Space Remake after its initial reveal trailer is becoming more and more real as we near its release date. In relatively recent times, the Xbox Store has been updated with a whole page pertaining to the upcoming third-person survival horror. However, there’s no possible way of purchasing it at the moment.

The Rundown: 

  • Ahead of the game’s release, the Xbox Store is already entertaining Dead Space fans with the game’s listing.
  • You cannot purchase or pre-order the game as of yet.
  • The Dead Space Remake is scheduled to release on January 27, 2023.

The Dead Space Remake on Xbox Store
The Dead Space Remake on Xbox Store

First things first, the description of the highly anticipated Dead Space game reads, 

The sci-fi survival horror classic Dead Space™ returns, completely rebuilt from the ground up to offer a deeper and more immersive experience. This remake brings jaw-dropping visual fidelity, suspenseful atmospheric audio, and improvements to gameplay while staying faithful to the original game’s thrilling vision.” 

When the first Dead Space came out in 2008, it didn’t take an expert to see that the title was way ahead of its time. The era-establishing segmentation of your vile enemies’ body parts with the ingrained ability to maneuver them sat well with critics, not to mention a bevy of other gameplay attributes that made the game stand out.

The third-person shooter was released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, of course. It was a shame up until now that no one turned to this iconic franchise. A modern-day reiteration of such an exemplary concept would’ve shaken the industry to its core and it appears that the newfound Dead Space Remake has set out to do just that.

Of course, we all know what a remake is. It’s when you take a particular video game — preferably that is now dated to a reasonable extent — and rebuild it from the ground up. The title is then structured to comply with the graphical capacity of most modern-day games, not to mention the severe reinvigoration of gameplay changes. 

However, all that is taken into account all the while retaining the originality of the said game. One glaring example is The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake which seemingly brings a swath of tweaks and enhancements. Another notion would be to talk about the up-and-coming Resident Evil 4 Remake that may be potentially getting a free demo.

Speaking of which, word has it that the Dead Space Remake has been taking inspiration from the recent Resident Evil Remakes, which to say the least, is nothing but enthralling. Only time can tell how that will turn out to be, given the terrific reception of the latter and overall success. 

It has also been rumored that the imminent remake of the first Dead Space would feature procedurally generated open-world gameplay, but this certainly seems far-stretched. Such a diversion from the novel concept of the series can either go well or downright terrible. 

Anyhow, we just cannot wait to step into the mechanically powered-up boots of Isaac Clarke as he ventures to outer space to brave all existential horrors once again. Although the setting will be quite different from what we had to roll with before, the ideology of the title will still be there, revamped with modern-day technology and whatnot.

Do let us know whether you’re as excited as us for the forthcoming Dead Space title in the comments section down below. We’re counting our days, truth be told. 

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