Trainwreck Joins Kick, A New Twitch Competitor

Trainwreck has left Twitch to join streaming rival Kick and wants other streamers to do the same

Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam has announced that he will be leaving Twitch, which has created chaos in the streaming community.

Trainwreck is a famous and well-known content creator on Twitch, although he shared his support for a better streaming platform multiple times. The streamer vision comes to life as Trainwreck decides to join Kick. Trainwreck always planned to revolutionize streaming so that Streamers and viewers can genuinely interact with each other.

Major Takeaways

  • Trainwreck to leave Twitch and join Kick as a non-exclusive streamer and non-owner advisor.
  • Trainwreck discussed that Twitch is heading the wrong way and is no longer a worthy platform.
  • He announced that he is joining Kick and asked other streamers to join it as well, as it has a lot of benefits which Twitch has not.

Trainwreck will join a streaming platform known as, where he will be a non-exclusive streamer and non-owner advisor. According to the streamer TwitLonger from Dec. 5, the site is similar to Twitch, but it has benefits which make it unique.

In his TwitLonger, Trainwreck mentioned some issues which Twitch has. He accused the platform of enriching only a “handful” of creators and stated that the platform is heading in the “wrong direction.”

“Twitch has built an empire on our backs and dares to spit in our faces by not only providing us with no financial security but also by cutting our pay in places where they have no right to cut,” he said.

“Twitch claims to be in one of the most influential positions in its history, citing the highest viewership, sponsorship, and profitability; however, streamers continue to face pay cuts.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

The 50-50 revenue split has been a hotly debated topic in the streaming community. Many streamers condemned Twitch for its 50-50 revenue split as it takes half of their revenue despite telling Amazon and media that they are profitable and have more advertisers on board.

Trainwreck Joins Kick

Trainwreck became even more enraged when Twitch announced the previously offered 70-30 split. However, it didn’t come after all, despite Youtube having the same split without any problem.

The well-known streamer has announced his intention to join Kick as a non-owner advisor and non-exclusive content creator. He will work with the team to support streamers in ways he believes Twitch has not, “beginning with a 95% split of all subscriber income.”

“I chose to work with Kick because their investors are willing to listen to creator feedback to improve their platform.” Kick understands that the foundation of a successful platform is a successful streamer. “I’ve already worked with their team to create these unique benefits that no other platform offers,” Trainwreck explained.

In addition to the 95-5 split, Kick will give the streamer 100% of the tips. In addition, an upcoming exclusive creator programme will compensate partners for successful streams. It means streamers will no longer rely solely on subscriber count, with streamers receiving a “steady income” based on how many people tuned in.

Kick, according to Trainwreck, will have much clearer Terms of Service and will not have “ambiguous bans” like Twitch. Kick is still growing under Train’s watchful eye for the time being. He’s in constant contact with the company, but he’s advised streamers to give it a year to grow.

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