xQc Reveals He Was Down $650k After All His Bets For The World Cup Final

xQc loses more than half a million dollars betting on World Cup final winner.

In a recent tweet, Twitch streamer xQc bet half a million dollars on France winning the World Cup. The team was defeated by Argentina earlier today, bringing the country its first victory since 1986 and depriving xQc’s 650,000 dollars in total.

xQc placed a number of World Cup bets, all of which flopped miserably as Argentina won the Final. After all of his bets for the day were completed, xQc revealed he was down $650k.


  • Twitch star xQc made his $500k bet on France to win the World Cup Final against Argentina.
  • xQc fails terribly with almost 500,000$ bets on the World Cup.
  • xQc revealed he was down $650k after all of his bets for the day were completed.

On December 18, xQc revealed the bet on Twitter, 

xQc bet half a million dollars on France winning their World Cup match against Argentina before the game ever started. 

Despite the fact that Argentina was leading 2-0, Mbappe scored two goals to force overtime. At the moment, there was still hope for France to win, as the game swung from one-sided to exceedingly tight in a matter of minutes.

However, xQc bet on France again after Mbappe scored two goals, despite having already lost so much money pulling out his bet. He ultimately opted to continue with the squad he was rooting for, despite having pulled out just minutes before.

Furthermore, the streamer made the oversight of attempting to limit his losses with $5,000 remaining, then placing many extra bets when France tied the game. These additional bets only served to multiply his losses rather than an aid to reduce them.

Eventually, After putting many bets on the World Cup, xQc lost over a million dollars.

“That was rough, but it is what it is,” xQc said during his live stream. Following the tragic betting episodes, his chat was spamming -$600k.

In a recent tweet, xQc disclosed that he was down $650k after all of his bets for the day were paid.

What are your thoughts on xQc losing 650k$ over a bet? Do let us know in the comments below.

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