xQc Loses His Cool After Failed Minecraft Record Attempt

After failing to break Forsen’s Minecraft speed-run record, xQc lost his temper during his stream and proceeded to slam the table a few times.

Update: The stream clips have now been taken down from the Internet.

Félix Lengyel or xQc is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable streamers on Twitch with over 11.4 million followers. After retiring from Overwatch League (OWL), he is currently exploring other aspects of gaming.

During his latest stream, xQc attempted to set a Minecraft speed-run record formerly held by his rival Swedish streamer, Forsen. When he failed to acquire his goal, xQc lost his temper and slammed his desk multiple times.

Major Takeaways:

  • xQc tried to set a speed run record in Minecraft.
  • When he failed to achieve his target, he lost his cool.
  • xQc then went on to slam his desk multiple times.

After retiring from OWL, xQc has been heavily invested in Minecraft, and so has his competitor, Forsen. In a feud regarding who the best player of Minecraft is, both often compete to prove themselves.

xQc once held a record of a speed-run in a time of 20:45 which was then broken by Forsen with a time of 20:38. Ever since then, xQc has been trying to reclaim his title of the record holder.

In his recent stream, he once again attempted to set a speedrun record but failed. This made the streamer furious and agitated and he slammed the table multiple times.

Many fans were disappointed in response to the streamer’s outburst while others continued to troll him for failing to set the record.

One fan wrote, “Forsen is literally the MC god.” Another criticized xQc for lying that he would easily reclaim his title, “Xqc is such a scammer, everyday he lies to the viewers that he’s easily gonna beat forsen today.” 

Another one wrote about his continuous failures referring to the fact that he lost more than half a million dollars in bets during the FIFA world cup, “lost 500k, sh*t mc luck, permanently stunlocked. no wonder lil bro had to take it out somehow.”

A while back, Forsen heard about xQc’s attempt to break his speedrun record through one of his fans who claimed that xQc was being coached to set the record, “Forsen, I don’t know if you already know this, but the Juicer (xQc) is using actual professional coach to get him beat your Minecraft record.”

Forsen was taken aback after hearing this and replied, 

“Why the f**k would I need a coach? I’m the god gamer. What the f**k are these?”

Do you think xQc will be able to break Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun record? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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