Bayonetta Developers Discuss Plans Of A Sequel

Bayonetta Origins does not appear to be an ending to the series.

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  • A new Bayonetta game could possibly be developed in the future; the producer Makoto Okazaki does not think the series has ended.
  • The discussed project is currently in the early planning stages, and various ideas are moving back and forth in PlatinumGames. No idea has been pitched to Nintendo yet.
  • The game may move into development after enough reception and suggestions have been received by the Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon players.

The creator of the Bayonetta series Hideki Kamiya and the producer Makoto Okazaki appeared in an interview with Famitsu and iterated plans for a sequel. Many internal discussions are underway, and the series has not been abandoned after the release of a recent spin-off entry that explored the origins. PlatinumGames is considering ideas internally, but they have not been pitched or confirmed by the giant conglomerate Nintendo yet.

At present, I don’t have anything specific to tell you about the future, but of course I personally don’t think this is the end,” said the producer Makoto Okazaki.

Moreover, Okazaki has shown interest in the reception of the community, awaiting responses from gamers who played Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon before pinning down a specific plan for the future of the Bayonetta series.

I would like to listen to the opinions of everyone who played this game and think about the future prospects,” Makoto further added. 

Hideki Kamiya also showed interest in a new Bayonetta entry, seeking to expand upon the franchise. “We want to make this title part of a new series and keep expanding the world,” said the series creator. The ideas are currently moving back and forth between the developers at PlatinumGames, as Hideki Kamiya has been having discussions with the director Abebe Tinari about an idea that can be finalized.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is quite a different entry from the predecessors. The spin-off features a unique way of controlling two characters at the same time. The left joy-con controls Cereza, while the right one is used to control the demon resembling a cat, Cheshire. Thus, some traditional players have not given the new game a chance, and the developers encouraged the community to try out the new experience.

First of all, please play this game. What I would like to tell Bayonetta fans is that although the gameplay is completely different this time, the whole team has put a lot of love into Ceressa, so I hope they will experience the new success. I would also recommend it to those who have never touched the Bayonetta series, as this game is very unique,” said director Tinari Abibi.

The developer acknowledges that the game is hard to play for the first time but ensures that the “experience of overcoming that is absolutely enjoyable.” Makoto Okazaki adds that the difficulty factor in the recent Bayonetta game is more related to the elements of its appeal, which the players can cross.

Moreover, players who are usually not good at action games can also fully enjoy the remarkable experience, as per the developers. The entry includes a slew of options, such as turning off damage from the enemies to enjoy the title and get used to the unique gameplay at your pace.

It remains to be seen what approach the new Bayonetta game will assume. The fans are speculating that it could be another iteration in the spin-off series, while others are already anticipating a new mainline Bayonetta 4 installment. However, nothing official has been confirmed yet, and the project is in the very early planning stages. Regardless, the recent interview has surely sparked a new flame in the community.

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