New Body-Cam Game’s Gameplay Footage Is On Par With Reality

Alexander Spindler uploaded the 45-second clip of the game.

Innovation and the ability to do something unparalleled and remarkable are game designers’ bread and butter. The gaming industry shows no mercy to those who slack behind.

But on one hand, it is rewarding for those who work vigorously. These fine margins between failure and success drive game designers to the extremes of imagination.


  • A French indie game developer, based in Rennes, is working on an FPS game with a body-cam camera feature.
  • He uploaded a 45-second video of the gameplay.
  • Not much is known about the game’s name or release date.

Alexander Spindler, who also goes by the alias of “esakiy, is one such game programmer. He is a French Indie game developer who does crowd-funded indie projects on Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5.

He also works as a technical artist at DRAMA. He is known for doing experimental mini-projects that don’t always become a hit with gamers. But this time it was different.

Yesterday, he posted a 45-second clip of one of his boldest projects yet. In the clip, he showcased the gameplay from an FPS game concept he has been working on. What stood out from the video was a body-cam-type camera view. It resembled the body-cam footage we often see from the cop’s body cam.

In the released video, we see the player in an abandoned building taking on several enemies with a handgun. The graphics look on par with modern-day AAA games. But it was noticeable from the camera movements during intense gunfights that the game is still raw.

Flashes of gunfire also seemed overly exaggerated. But overall, the footage showed smooth gameplay.


The reaction on Twitter was mixed as well. Some people were intrigued by the idea of a game with a body-cam view. While others were seemingly crept the t by the POV of a body cam and the camera movements seemed to “give them motion sickness.”

Alexander Spindler won’t complain about the negative reactions because he got the attention of gaming Twitter. He also thanked everyone for their “attention” as his video has garnered almost 5 million views till now. He also told his followers to expect more videos of the game in the future.

Not much else is known about the game’s name, or when will it be released. But it will most likely be released for PC first, as the developer has just released his first game for the platform on the 9th of October.

What do you think of this? Will it become a hit or not? Drop your opinions down below.

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