Contractors With Halo Mods Is The Halo VR We Craved

A satisfying rendition of Halo VR can be experienced in Contractors through mods.

Contractors is the ultimate team-based competitive multiplayer shooter game made for virtual reality devices. The game is very polished and lets you experience the next level virtual warfare with intricate controls, deadly weapons, customizable load-outs, and fierce firefights through the lens of VR.

Contractors feature mod support for community-created maps, load-outs, and game modes. Another perk a mod-influenced game provides is the ability to experience in-game content from other popular titles. Contractors feature well-crafted maps from AAA titles such as Call of Duty and Halo franchises.

Players in Contractors can experience a very enjoyable rendition of Halo VR through the power of modding. The movement feels Halo-like, and the experience in VR overall will feel fresh for Halo fans. It is definitely something close to how an official Halo VR game would have turned out.

The fans have always craved a Halo VR experience. The developers explored such a prospect, but it was canceled, unfortunately. Contractors features modded servers that can be joined to experience modded maps from popular games like Halo 1 to Halo Reach.

Contractors is a highly polished VR experience with fluid movement, so it compliments Halo-based mode nicely. Instead of downloading singular mods, the community can visit the servers on the list.

Some of the listed servers will mention Halo loadout with a Halo map and once you join, the map gets downloaded. The players can easily accumulate modded Halo maps this way.

This might be the perfect opportunity to play Halo VR through another title. Halo mods for Contractors are considered polished and enjoyable by the community. The fluid movement is definitely a plus for the Halo VR experience in Contractors.

Other VR titles like Pavlov also featured Halo Mods but the movement felt a little more rigid and did not give the Halo-esque feeling. 

What makes Contractors such an immersive experience is the flexibility that is provided to the modding community. After developers, modders are the caretakers of a game that can wholly enhance the experience by adding additional content or improving already-made features.

Most of all, Modders elongate the life of a game after developer support is taken off. VR titles, such as Contractors can extremely benefit from a big modding community. Popularizing these mods will also help Halo enthusiasts to play modded maps to experience Halo VR. 

The cancellation of the Halo VR game was saddening to the community and it may not happen in the near future. However, the Halo fans can now enjoy Halo VR in Contractors in modded servers. 

What are your thoughts about Contractors with Halo mods? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below. 

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