Dead By Daylight Patch 6.6.2 Updates “Screams” And Optimizes The Skull Merchant

The update came out yesterday on all platforms to bring many bug fixes to the game.

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  • Dead by Daylight’s patch 6.6.2 came out on March 22, 2023, and has brought many changes.
  • It has adjusted the Skull Merchant and updated the screams caused by perks.
  • The update has also fixed bugs related to characters, UI, audio, and bots.

Behavior Interactive released Update 6.6.2 for Dead by Daylight in recent times, fixing many of the title’s issues. This patch has brought adjustments to the Skull Merchant and has updated screams as well. In addition, the developers have also released patch notes to give us an in-depth view of all the features and bug fixes. First up, this update has made some changes to the notorious Skull Merchant.

If the killer fails the Claw Trap hack from now on, its battery will no longer recharge. Moreover, drones will only return to the Skull Merchant after its Claw Trap battery is empty. Claw Trapped survivors can now break both the pallet and their Claw Trap by fast vaulting due to this Dead by Daylight update. Last but not least, regarding the Claw Traps, they will automatically remove if the battery is empty.

Dead by Daylight patch notes
Dead by Daylight patch notes

Some other changes include an increase in the “Expired Batteries” addon rarity and a decrease in the “Prototype Rotor” addon rarity. In addition, Expired Batteries will decrease to 40% from 150%, and Adaptive Lighting will increase to 50%. This patch also makes miscellaneous changes like leverage still working on self-healing. Screams have been updated in the horror game and will now be hard map-wide if caused by Perks.

Moving on to bug fixes, an audio bug in the Archives cutting the French voiceover for Memory 714 of Tome 13 before the end has been rectified. Update 6.6.2 has also fixed issues with bots, and they can now ask players to move away. From now on, bots won’t give up if they are broken within the Circle of Healing. In addition, bots can now disable drones placed on stairs when playing against the Skull Merchant in Dead by Daylight.

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Patch 6.6.2 has also fixed issues regarding different characters in the horror game. An issue making the faces of female survivors like Yun-Jin different when on the hook will no longer bother players. Developers have also fixed a bug causing male survivors grabbed from the locker in Dead by Daylight to have stretched eyebrows. The Nurse’s Grim Veil will not stretch unnaturally on the tally screen now as this bug has been rectified.

Moving on to Perks, the Haste status icon will no longer appear on the screen when Collective Stealth is active. If you fail one skill check due to the Merciless Storm Perk, it won’t cause subsequent skill checks to fail in Dead by Daylight from now on. The Skull Merchant has also received some bug fixes, and Claw Traps removed by hacking will correctly self-destruct now.

Update 6.6.2 has also corrected the “Shotgun Speakers” add-on icon and fixed the intro cinematic on Xbox One. The game is available to play on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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