Diablo 2 Resurrected Requires Players To Log In Every 30 Days

The remaster won't be playable after 30 days of no activity due to an online DRM

Diablo II: Resurrected has had a mixed run-up till now. The remaster opened to positive reviews but missed some key features. The game doesn’t allow crossplay which is essential for a game like this. A big removal is the ability to mod the game, which many players like. The retro design also got a bit of a stick, and many weren’t sure if it works. And now, Blizzard is getting backlash for another questionable addition to the game.

You cannot play the game after being offline for 30 days according to Twitter user DoesItPlay1. This is because of an online DRM, and Diablo 2 is the first game to feature it on a console. You will have to wait for the game to re-authenticate with the servers if you play it after 30 days. Check-in with the server is required to play the game. If you can’t check in the game won’t be playable. 

According to Blizzard, this will protect the game from software piracy. But, you can easily remove the check-in DRM by using hacks. The feature will not do a great job of protecting the game from piracy. This update will only trouble the paying customers of the game. This won’t worry Non-paying customers as they can get rid of this feature.

Blizzard’s addition is really bad for the players. The people who have paid for the game will need to log in every 30 days to not face any issues. This feature will be on every console, and fans aren’t happy with that. Something like this doesn’t belong on consoles and portable handhelds like the Switch. So, the players are rightly angry with the publisher. 

Many say that pirating the game might be the only option if this feature isn’t removed. The players can’t play the game once the servers go down, and piracy will be the only option. Some say these are dark times for gaming because features like check-in DRM’s are second-rate.

The players also think that consoles shouldn’t have this feature. Consoles have games on a physical medium, and an online DRM nullifies that ownership. A check-in DRM shouldn’t be present anywhere, but its addition to consoles is a travesty. Fans fear this might start a trend of DRM’s in games. This is especially bad for consoles like the Nintendo Switch. A handheld should not have online DRM.

Most of the player base of Diablo II is very disappointed with Blizzard. We hope that they see this criticism and remove this baseless feature. That is the best outcome of this situation. 

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