New Far Cry 2 Mod Is The Remake We Always Craved From Ubisoft

The mod collection improves the overall game by adding a modern allure.

Far Cry 2 is among the oldest Ubisoft classics in the franchise and remains relevant to this day. The title boasts unique features that make it stand out from all the other latter installments.

However, the lousy implementation of some mechanics also became a point of criticism. Nevertheless, Far Cry 2 became a cult classic that has stood the test of time. 

The 2008 game is the second mainline installment that aged particularly well. It was a critically acclaimed title and, according to fans, always deserved a faithful remake.

The modding community decided to step in the ring after a haunting silence from Ubisoft. The all-new collection of Far Cry 2 mods dubbed Far Cry 2: Realism and Redux add the much-needed modern twist to every single element of the game. 

Major Takeaway:

  • Far Cry 2 modders came together and accumulated a collection of mods that completely enchants the olden experience with a bundle of improvements to every aspect.
  • The mod touches everything, from additional weapons to improvements in visuals and gameplay, and balances that completely alter the experience.
  • The mod serves as an unofficial remake and is available for everyone to download and enjoy to relive the Far Cry 2 experience through a modern lens.

Talented modders going by the names of Tom, FoxAhead, and Hunter have shaken hands together to deliver what is, in retrospect, a massive roster of core gameplay enhancements for the old game. The collection of mods comes in a single package that works as the best rendition of the Far Cry 2 we always needed from Ubisoft. 

The mod completely ameliorates the well-known bad AI, distressful respawning of enemies, and criticized arsenal of weapons, among many others, by improving existing features, balancing weapons, AI, enemy checkpoint respawning, and other elements.

Additionally, the mod adds new weapons and features to improve the whole game. 

The Far Cry 2: Realism and Redux mod alter the visuals and physics alike by remaking the title in every possible way. The FPS can be ventured with proper support for 60 FPS gameplay and modernized textures. The mod ensures to be hardcore yet more satisfying and organic in its difficulty, unlike the original game. 

Far Cry 2 - Realism Plus Redux
Far Cry 2 – Realism Plus Redux

Far Cry 2 becomes less of an arcade experience with this mode. The enemies should feel less spongy, and their AI is enhanced to trigger memorable altercations.

The sandbox should be sprinkled with challenging yet satisfying enemies. Moreover, the weapons have been metamorphosed to feel more viable in their respective types. 

All in all, this mod completely remakes the game, and fans can anticipate immersing themselves in a whole new enjoyable experience. It won’t be a far cry to feature this collection of mods among one of the best in the series. 

The open-world FPS takes place in a fictional East African country that is swallowed in a deadly civil war. The storyline follows the chronicles of a mercenary who is allotted to exterminate the antagonist, Jackal, a weapons dealer responsible for arousing the war.

The new Far Cry 2 mods package has repeatedly proven that modders in the gaming industry are the caretakers of games after the developers drop their support. Furthermore, decades-old titles can survive and thrive thanks to the compelling capabilities of modders.

The mod can be downloaded from the Nexus Mods storefront without paying a single dime. This might be the best time to jump back into the war-ridden world of Far Cry 2 to experience what an official remake could have delivered.

What are your thoughts about the new mod wholly enhancing the overall Far Cry 2 experience? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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