The Final Fantasy Franchise Is Closing In On 200 Million Units Worldwide

A fantasy that keeps on growing.

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  • The Final Fantasy series has sold over 180 million units worldwide.
  • Despite being called some of the most divisive entries in the franchise, FF13, FF15, and FF16 have sold millions of units, with the first two being commercial successes.
  • FF16’s direction may lead to the next evolution of the franchise for a new generation of players.

Square Enix‘s flagship JRPG series, Final Fantasy, has sold over 180 million units worldwide and seems to be nearing the 200 million mark. The latest entry in the iconic franchise, Final Fantasy 16, has contributed to this achievement by selling over 3 million units in less than a week of its launch despite breathing new life into the series with action gameplay in a classic, medieval fantasy setting.

Final Fantasy has been around for over 3 decades and each entry has gone above and beyond in its innovation. This is reflected in the sales numbers of each entry over the many years the series has been around for. Square Enix has crafted a franchise that has several fanbases within the larger community of Final Fantasy. Even the most divisive entries have sold millions of copies, becoming commercial successes regardless of reception.

Arguably the most divisive game in the franchise to date, Final Fantasy 16 managed to achieve its sales milestone in a short time span. Based on the buzz surrounding the game, it can be surmised that FF16 was successful in not only finding its audience in the franchise’s existing playerbase but also in bringing new blood to the series. Having the DNA of action games like Devil May Cry 5, it’s easy to see how it may entice other gamers.

Final Fantasy 7 has sold over 14 million units to date.
Final Fantasy 7 has sold over 14 million units to date.

Similarly, back in 1997, Final Fantasy VII changed the landscape of role-playing games and expanded the conventional audience of the genre. As of January 2023, the original Final Fantasy VII has sold over 14 million units. Much of the recent boost in sales can be attributed to the FF7 Remake project, but the general track record is reflective of its great story, charming characters, and the familiar JRPG aesthetic.

Some of the other major contributors include the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and FF15. Aside from the sixteenth entry, these two are perhaps the most divisive games in the series. The former is criticized for being a hallway simulator with bland characters and convoluted systems combined with harsh penalties while the latter got a messy makeover after being suspended in development hell for years.

Despite those circumstances, FF15 sold over 10 million units across all platforms. The FF13 series ended up selling over 10 million copies as well and both were commercial successes. With the series taking a new turn with FF16 and trying to evolve for a new generation, it appears that the momentum will continue to propel this franchise to new heights.

Final Fantasy 16 is out now for PlayStation 5. Read on to know why we called it a perfect new entry in the franchise.

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