Fire Emblem Engage Loads Two Times Faster Than Fire Emblem Three Houses

The 2023 title has significantly improved on load times from its predecessor.

You can’t become a brand like Nintendo without having your fair share of internationally popular franchises. From Pokemon to Super Mario, the company has a never-ending list of IPs that every person on Earth knows. One of these is an RPG that has been ruling the Nintendo world for more than 3 decades now: Fire Emblem.

With more than 20 games, including spin-offs, the series had become a staple of Nintendo consoles since the 90s. The hype never dies for new entries, and that is apparent with the brand-new Fire Emblem Engage which is releasing this month. It turns out the title cuts the load times from the previous mainline entry, Three Houses, into half and hence loads twice as fast.

Major Takeaways

  • Fire Emblem Engage loads two times faster than Fire Emblem Three Houses.
  • The upcoming title is a major tech improvement over its predecessor. 
  • The overall presentation, frame rate, and resolution are much better than the 2019 mainline entry.

Yipsigoon on Twitter is responsible for reporting this interesting info. The Twitter user posted a video comparing the load time of Fire Emblem Engage to that of Three Houses. In the results, we see how much better the tech for the 2023 title is. 

Originally, this comparison comes from a Digital Foundry video in which they talk about the game’s upgrades. First, we see the loading time of Fire Emblem Three Houses in the clip. As you can see below, this takes way too much time.

Any transition, whether it is from the main menu title to the game or just loading a battle, takes a long time. We see one such transition in the clip, and it takes a lengthy 35-second interval before we can play Three Houses again. Compared to this, Fire Emblem Engage loads much faster due to its tech upgrades.

The 2023 game is a significant improvement over its predecessor regarding load times. You can jump in and out of battle pretty fast while transversing the game. Fire Emblem Engage loaded to the game in just 16 seconds in the Digital Foundry test.

YouTube video

As you can calculate yourself, this is more than two times faster than its 2019 prequel. Hence, the developer’s Intelligent System has cut down the load times by nearly 55% in Fire Emblem Engage. When you add the pixel version of the characters appearing in between, it makes loading times much better.

Even though it’s a small touch, it just makes the project feel more thorough. You can see these pixel art renditions at the bottom of your screen when the game loads up. All the Fire Emblem Engage characters currently in the party will appear on this loading screen. 

Faster loading times are just the tip of the iceberg in the tech upgrades Intelligent System has made to the game. Eurogamer wrote an article about the tech improvements in Fire Emblem Engage. It gives us a much more thorough look at how the game has improved on its predecessor. 

Besides cutting lengthy loading times, overall image quality is also much better. Fire Emblem Engage also had a 30 FPS target, but it achieved it much more consistently. The overall presentation is also much better than Three Houses, and it feels good on the Nintendo Switch.

You can find all of this out for yourself very soon as Fire Emblem Engage comes out on January 20, 2023. Fans will only be able to play it on the Nintendo Switch, but with the console’s dominance, we assume everyone has it. Hopefully, the game performs really well and exceeds expectations.

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