Forza Motorsport Community Frustrated With Title’s “Half-Finished” Live Service Model

The allegedly flawed live service model has distressed many players.

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  • Some of the Forza Motorsport players have shown frustration with the game’s “half-finished” and “unoptimized” live service model.
  • Players argue that the alleged missing features could be included in later paid DLCs or microtransactions.
  • The other chunk of the players do not agree with the sentiments and argue that people are just looking for reasons to criticize the nook and cranny of the new sequel. 

Despite a bundle of positive reception, some Forza Motorsport users have criticized many facets of the title after it came out. The GaaS model has been one of the major dilemmas that have caused the fans to question the integrity of the devs. As per a Reddit post made on the Forza subreddit, the players are quite frustrated with the game’s live service mode, calling it “half-finished” and “unoptimized” alongside other negative lingo.

Live Service model has ruined AAA gaming development
byu/JRedding995 inforza

The user u/JRedding995 alleges that Microsoft games have been plagued with the live service model recently, and Forza Motorsport is no different. The fans think this approach is chosen because of the potential mulla to be earned via microtransactions, paid DLCs, and drip-feeding the content to the community. However, the alleged lousy implementation of the live service model has taken a huge swath of fun away from the entry.

I would assume most of these features are already completed but just stripped in order to trickle content to maximize player retention, because if not WTF is taking 6-7 years to develop? Forza is just the latest example.”

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A massive chunk of the fans in the comments have agreed with the thwarted sentiments. One user iterated, “Every company is vying to create the ONE game you’re supposed to play forever and dump your money into. It’s exhausting.” Regardless, not everyone shares the same opinion, and some players have claimed that people are just looking for reasons to dump on the various features in Forza Motorsport.

Honestly haven’t had an issue with this game and it already feels like a pretty big step up from Forza Motorsport 7, but it seems like no on else enjoys it and are just trying to find reasons to dislike it,” disagreed another user.

Phil Spencer declared Forza Motorsport a live-service title sometime before its release. The CEO made the drastic decision to ensure the evolution of the game and the whole franchise for years to come. Regardless, the decision to remove the number was also made so players would stop looking forward to the next entry in the series and stick to Forza Motorsports only.

Many users have criticized the entry for poor PC performance issues upon launch. Some players also showed dissatisfaction since devs allegedly used a 14-year-old car model for one of the vehicles. Regardless, the title has also received a huge serving of applause from the community for a lot of improvements over the last game. It massively enhances the driving physics, features a giant selection of cars, and adds photorealistic visuals.

The reboot of the series will come out on October 10, 2023, for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. 

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