Forza Motorsport Has AI That Will Take Over Your Race When You Pause In Multiplayer Mode

In the paused state, the car will run at 70% of the race speed.

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  • Forza Motorspot’s AI will let you take longer pauses during the game’s lengthy multiplayer races by keeping you in the race at 70% speed.
  • Turn 10 Studios, the game’s developer, is also manufacturing a reconnect feature for the racing simulator.
  • The upcoming Xbox console exclusive will have an in-depth multiplayer mode with pit stops and private races.

To encounter the long race times, Turn 10 Studios has implemented a clever AI system in Forza Motorsport’s multiplayer mode that will take over when you pause the game. As reported by Klobrille on Twitter, the AI will ghost your car and keep you in the game at 70% of the average race speed. Hence, you’ll be able to take bathroom breaks without worry when you race online in the racing title.

A recent blog post on the Forza website gave us a detailed look at the multiplayer mode that will feature in Forza Motorsport. Like other titles in the franchise, the upcoming racing title will have several game modes players can enjoy with other players. These include time trials, live events, and many exciting online modes in addition to a single-player career storyline. 

Furthermore, Turn 10 Studios has elevated the multiplayer mode of this year’s entry with the introduction of brilliant core features to the system. First up, matchmaking in Forza Motorsport will be similar to the entries as it will pair you up with players who have an equivalent skill level. However, the racing game’s multiplayer mode will also match you with players who have a similar driving style and behavior.

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To explain this, if you are a careful player who likes to drive a clean race, you will be paired with similar players. But, if you are someone who likes hitting other cars, banging into other people, being aggressive, and overall just driving recklessly, you’ll mostly race with other such drivers. Next up, pitting will need a strategy as this aspect of Forza Motorsport will play a huge role in the game’s longer races.

During shorter races, there will be no need for pitting but players will need to refuel and manage other assets like the tires in the more lengthy races, and that will require pit stops. Moreover, private races will also be present in Forza Motorsport, allowing you to make lobbies specific to your interests. For example, you change everything including penalties, track conditions, weather, and also decide the nature of the race.

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If you want the race to be more calm, you can adjust the settings to produce that but if you are looking for a more intense experience, that is also not hard to obtain. Hence, when Forza Motorsport ships on October 10, 2023, it will have a layered multiplayer experience with an additional reconnect feature which Turn 10 Studios is developing. You’ll be able to buy the racing title on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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