2 Hours Of Dead Space Remake’s Gameplay Leaked

We get our first look at the 2023 remake of the survival horror classic in this gameplay.

Update: The leaks are no longer available on YouTube.

Story Highlights

  • Over 2 hours of gameplay has leaked from the Dead Space remake.
  • The game looks breathtaking in this leaked gameplay and makes terrific use of current-gen graphics.
  • EA Motive’s survival horror game is going to be released on January 27, 2023.

Over the past two decades, the horror genre has shined in the gaming world because of some brilliant games. Amnesia, Outlast, Resident Evil 4, and Silent Hill 2 are just some of the genre-defining games that have come out in this time. Probably the most influential and experimental horror release in this period was Dead Space, and it’s one name we can’t leave out.

The survival horror game took the genre into space and produced one of the most terrifying gaming experiences in history. With the Dead Space remake about to launch in under a week, the hype is through the roof. And now, we have got our first look at the 2023 survival horror title through 2 hours of leaked gameplay.

YouTuber TheJSR67 is responsible for leaking this footage on their channel. Surprisingly, Electronic Arts has not yet taken this stream down via copyright. Hence, we can still view it on the channel, and let’s hope it stays there.

The gameplay we see in this leak is from the very start of the Dead Space remake. It is from the French version of the game; hence everything is in that language. Our protagonist Issac Clarke, along with Kendra and Hammond, searches the Ishimura when Necromorphs attack.

After this ambush, we are on our own and obtain the 211-V Plasma Cutter to fight the Necromorphs. Like the first game, Kendra and Hammond survive, and Issac has to repair different parts of the ship. This is where the Dead Space remake really starts to get scary. 

We have to kill countless Nercomorphs while embarking on this mission of fixing the ship. The Dead Space remake looks breathtaking in this gameplay video. It maintains the fear and increases it by tenfolds by using current-gen graphics, which look beautiful.

From what we can tell from the gameplay video, the Dead Space remake will be no walk in the park. In the clip, the player dies multiple times while trying to kill the Necromorphs. The enemies in the game are also brutal and appear out of nowhere to scare you out of your skin. 

YouTube video

Players can use their RIG Manual to choose missions and help them navigate, just like in 2008’s Dead Space. Kendra and Hammond also contact Issac via this holographic device, which is pivotal to the game. We also see stores at certain points in the gameplay where we can buy some stuff.

EA’s Motive Studio said that the remake would retain the plot of the original game. From what we have seen in the gameplay, this is true, and the Dead Space remake follows the original to a tee. However, the graphics, environments, characters, and assets in the game are up to modern standards.

David Robillard, the technical director of the remake, recently said that the game would be too scary to play at night with headphones. We can see why that is after looking at this leaked gameplay. The Dead Space remake makes perfect use of the environmental horror the 2008 title had. 

Whether it is the creaking of the ship, the sound of the Necromorphs, or the screams of humans, they will surely have you on edge. In the 152-minute video, the Dead Space remake showcases how a remake should be.

All of the frightening elements of the original are there and have been ramped up by modern tech to give a horrifying experience. 

Electronic Arts’ upcoming game was already an exciting proposition in the monotonous survival-horror climate. But this gameplay has made us even more excited for this upcoming game. With The Callisto Protocol also failing to meet expectations, we hope the Dead Space remake can deliver space horror goods. 

You can play the game on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC. The Dead Space remake releases on January 27, 2023, which isn’t even a week away. Will this game be a success like the original? Do tell us in the comments below.

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