GTA 6 Will Reportedly Feature “Realistic Animations” As Per New Patent

Characters will react naturally to changes in environment due to a new locomotion system.

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  • A recent Take-Two patent suggests that the movement and animation in GTA 6 will be highly dynamic and realistic.
  • NPC’s and main characters alike will react naturally to different elements like injuries, weather changes, and tiredness.
  • Red Dead Reddemption 2 also used a similar system but the upcoming Grand Theft Auto entry will set standards.

According to a new Rockstar patent, highly dynamic and realistic animations will be seen in GTA 6 because of a new locomotion system under development for the upcoming title. Reddit user Tobbelobben30 stumbled upon the patent which reveals that characters in Grand Theft Auto 6 will “naturally” react to changes like rain, tiredness, and injuries. 

Tobbelobben30 started figuring out this mystery after noticing Tobias Kleanthous was one of the names in the GTA 6 leaks. He decided to do some detective work and discovered that Kleanthous worked at Rockstar for seven years and worked on gameplay and animation. More interestingly, he came across a patent on the developer’s LinkedIn page that detailed motion in Rockstar titles.

GTA 6 Patent
Locomotion system patent by Take-Two

Titled “System and Method for Visual Character Locomotion,” this patent details a locomotion system for Rockstar games Tobias Kleanthous created at the company. Tobbelobben30 goes on to explain that the developer is using a clever system that combines a library of small building blocks in different ways to formulate a range of animations.

So, when you play GTA 6, you’ll see characters moving in ways that match the weather, their energy level, and their injuries. It’s like having characters that can adapt to different situations, making the game world feel more real and thrilling.”

The Reddit user also quoted an example from the leaks and said Police officers can be seen changing their body position based on their surroundings in the leaked GTA 6 content. Therefore, NPCs are going to be a lot smarter in the next Grand Theft Auto entry and if Tobbelobben is right, they will even move differently based on their assigned role.

Furthermore, the Redditor also thinks that Red Dead Redemption 2 used a motion system similar to this one. But, the one in GTA 6 is going to be much more refined, and if the 2018 game is any indication, it’s going to be amazing to behold, for sure. 

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