Halo Infinite’s Yappening Event Has Been Officially Teased

The much-anticipated 'Yappening' event is happening soon.

Halo Infinite is not a small name in gaming, same as the Halo series is not unknown to many. It launched right alongside the first Xbox console among its first exclusives and took the world by storm. It quickly became one of the premier first-person shooters of the time, with its captivating story, likable characters, and captivating gameplay.

With the release of Halo 2, Halo became a household name among console owners. Leveraging the newly launched Xbox Live services and online features of Xbox consoles, it was quickly propelled to stardom.

Not only was the gameplay vastly improved, but the story also was quite brilliant and enthralling, not to mention the multiplayer component garnering the most acclaim.

But the game did not get this popular by itself, its dedicated team kept pushing out updates, and even if they weren’t up to mark, they never gave up. Just recently, the developers have teased a new trailer for the much anticipated ‘Yappening’ event happening very soon.

The video showcases what to expect from the chaotic event. Originally announced in a comic strip, and being tweeted out by the official Halo Twitter account, an event called The Yappening is headed to Halo Infinite next week.

Today the official timeline has also been revealed, the event is expected to start on 6th September and end on 20th September. Older fans will notice that this is not the first time the Yappening has occurred, but it is the first time it is coming to Halo Infinite.

The original story takes place all the way back in Halo 2 and goes like this, Yapyap The Destroyer used a fierce amount of Grunt Goblin suits to overwhelm his many opponents. Yapyap was then used as the face of the Yappening event and over the course of these events, Halo 2 also received various quirky game modes.

Well, it seems that this event will also entail the same story and should excite new and veteran players alike. Players should expect new events coming soon coupled with many new cosmetics, something Halo Infinite certainly does not need.

The fact that the team decided to bring back ideas from previous games also shows a lack of originality. Recently many weapons were leaked in the game files. The weapons in question include the Scattershot, the Incineration Cannon, the Suppressor, the Boltshot, and the Splinter Turret.

Almost all of these have been included in the Halo franchise at one point or another. If you see anything off about this, it is that these are all from previous titles.

If Halo Infinite is to succeed, it needs a format of its own, something that allows people to see it in a new light, not see a former shell of itself, but it seems the title is cursed to this fate. Everything aside, the new trailer for the event looks solid and we can hope that this just might be the thing that can jumpstart the title back into full throttle, one more time.

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