Possibly Removed/Upcoming Halo Infinite Weapons Leaked

Weapons like the Scattershot, Incineration Cannon, Suppressor, Boltshot, and Splinter Turret have been found inside of Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite has over twenty weapons that are extremely unique and different from each other. While everyone mostly likes these weapons, the game seems to be lacking newer weaponry. This is because some of the arsenals in this title were present in previous entries as well.

Well, it seems like Halo Infinite will keep on following this path and release weapons from older titles. Recently, a data miner released a few videos which showcase many new weapons that may be coming to Halo Infinite (thanks, @leaks_infinite).

The weapons in question include the Scattershot, the Incineration Cannon, the Suppressor, the Boltshot, and the Splinter Turret. Almost all of these have been included in the Halo franchise at one point or another. However, if the development team has decided to bring previous weaponry to the game, it might show how desperate it actually is.

The Scattershot is a shotgun class weapon that fills a role as a close-quarters power weapon, similar to the M45D Tactical Shotgun. The plus side of the Scattershot is a faster rate of fire but a lower lethal range. The magazine size is also lower, as well as the total ammunition carried.

The video shows that the weapon is slow but packs quite a punch. Although we cannot be sure if the weapon is even reliable, looking at previous Halo 4 footage, this gun could replace some other shotguns found in the game.

The Suppressor has a large ammunition capacity and deals considerable damage at close range. The Suppressor’s high rate of fire is very advantageous in close-quarter situations. Although an individual shot from the Suppressor may do little damage to another player, it is the intense pressure that keeps the enemy at bay.

From the video, we can clearly see that the weapon has an extremely high fire rate and a very hefty recoil to counter it. The weapon also speeds up in its fire rate the longer the trigger is held; this tells players not to back out from an encounter but rather risk it.

The Boltshot has a rather high rate of fire, decent accuracy, and decent headshot capability. Holding the trigger will charge the Boltshot’s close-range secondary function, which is often referred to as the burst mode. It unleashes a single burst that releases five shots simultaneously, very fatal on shielded enemies.

In the video, the weapon seems to be exclusive to the burst mode; this would definitely encourage peeking and then hiding. Although a secondary weapon, it might become a staple with some sniper classes, but that is to be seen.

The Splinter current is unlike the previously leaked weapons, requiring intense accuracy and concentration; this behemoth can be used to take out vehicles from afar and support your entire team. Having an explosive weapon like this on your team would be necessary to take down multiple enemies and hold choke points.

The Incineration Cannon Carries a maximum of eight shots and inflicts significant splash damage. It has the ability to destroy a Wraith or Scorpion Tank in one precision shot. The only drawback is that it requires an open area for safe use as the splash damage at close range can injure or even kill the player and maybe even allies alike.

From the video shown, the weapon seems to fire a double burst and can be held for a massive shot. Surprisingly, this specific weapon seems to be completely modeled and only needs a few finishing touches to be added to Halo Infinite.

The leaks are in abundance, but their release is almost nonexistent. With this many weapons almost ready to go, it only makes sense that we should expect some sort of signal from the development team, but as it stands, there is nothing concrete. Another thing to keep in mind is that these might be removed from the game or just some leftovers or maybe for system testing, but that is yet to be seen.

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