Information Leaks Regarding a New Version of the PlayStation 5

The upgrade can come design-wise

The PlayStation 5 has seemingly hit home with the biggest console launch in history, with many people struggling to get one even today at launch price. The next-gen DualSense controller or perhaps all the extra horsepower that this console pack is what owes the PlayStation 5 immense success. What many people are not a fan of is the design of it, however, making it look router-esque, sizable, and unable to blend in with the rest of their room.

Somewhere along those lines, a leak has surfaced that shows the registration of a new wireless communication module for the PlayStation 5. This would replace the current schematic version of the console CFI-1XXX with the recently spotted CFI-1115A model. This information comes from Roberto Serrano on Twitter who is a business analyst and a tech specialist. Apparently, the following was uploaded on the Peruvian Communications Audits and Subsidies website.

Sony Registers a New Model for the PlayStation 5
Sony Registers a New Model for the PlayStation 5

That said, taking this with a grain of salt is the most plausible approach right now. The registration of a new model does not necessarily mean a design change. It could be the replacement of a processing chip or any other component of the like to sort out supply issues and get the PlayStation 5 back in stock across every relevant retailer on the globe. In addition, the change could happen internally, and this revised version wouldn’t bring any considerable changes.

We’ll have to wait for Sony‘s official announcement on this one. Furthermore, we’re probably a while away from a significant design change. On the other hand, the updated version could make sure that each person who wants a PlayStation 5 has it without resorting to resellers.

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