Industry Insider Debunks Rumors Of 2D Donkey Kong Game In Development

The prominent insider has not denied possibility of a Donkey Kong game in development though.

The famous ape of Nintendo, Donkey Kong, is somewhat of a mascot for the gigantic company. The chronicles of Donkey Kong have evolved from a single-screen action puzzle game to side-scrolling platformers. However, the allure of Donkey Kong is as prominent as decennia ago, still anticipating fanciers of the ape to this day.

Donkey Kong games only appear to have grown more beloved in recent times by fans of the ape. It has been a long stretch of time since we had a new installment, and with each passing day, fans have grown more dehydrated for it. Fanciers have been looking forward to an official announcement of a new installment, but only vague rumors have satiated the community thus far.

There had been rumors of a new Donkey Kong title in development whirring about in the community since last year and early 2022. Insiders like Nate The Hate discussed the vague information they had on the upcoming Donkey Kong installment in their podcast. Nate stated that he’s unsure whether we will get an official announcement this year or not. Even the nature of the title is not affirmed yet.

The inadequate details have kept the particulars of the installment well-hidden. However, we have more info from a prominent leaker and industry insider, Syluxhunter. The insider has debunked the previously held rumor in a series of tweets by some enthusiasts that the next Donkey Kong iteration was in 2D perspective. 

While differing on a tweet from last year, Sylux debunked that the next installment is not 2D in nature as the community had suspected in the past due to previous games being in 2D. Sylux has not denied that the next installment is in the works. According to the insider, the information by the supposed insider, Markomaro, is wrong and holds no basis. 

The leaker cited in a follow-up tweet, “I am not denying that there will be a Donkey Kong game. There are reliable people who claimed there was one coming before this clown. Marko’s information is very clearly made up, however.

The next Donkey Kong game could be in 3D, which would be a welcomed surprise as many olden popular franchises like Sonic and Mario have transcended to the 3rd dimension already. However, the direction the next installment is taking is not officially confirmed thus far. The game has remained in secrecy, but we may learn more soon.

Syluxhunter is a proficient leaker and insider; most of their whirrings have proven true thus far. The insider rightly cited in a tweet that Bayonetta 3 news would arrive today. The game’s official release date trailer has been officially announced few hours ago. What are your thoughts regarding the next Donkey Kong? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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