Canceled Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos Gameplay Surfaces Online

The leak includes videos of multiple levels in the game.

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  • Multiple videos of the canceled title Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos have been spotted online.
  • These come from a public portfolio of a developer who had worked in developing the game.
  • The leak also includes a boss fight.

Recently, videos of Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos gameplay have been leaked online. The leak was first noticed by a verified Reddit user named ThenathanNS.

The leaked videos actually stem from a public portfolio. Surprisingly, this portfolio is of one of the employees that used to work for Capcom Vancouver. On the site, it can be seen that the employee was a Technical Level Designer for Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos.

It was noted that Chuck Green would once again be gracing our screen alongside two other playable characters. While it is unclear where the game would have taken place. However, it is assumed that it might be Mexico as some of the Barrio district area is inspired by an unknown Mexcian city.

Through this portfolio, numerous snippets of gameplay can be seen, giving an insight look into what the game would have been like if it had not been canceled. There are many early-build prototype videos that have been linked on the page. These include: 

  • Loot Container System
  • Traversal Gym
  • Camps
  • Hotel
  • Barrio 1.0
  • Barrio 2.0

The container system video, dated October 4, 2017, gives us a sneak peek into the mechanics players would have to use while looting any container in Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos. The one-minute video shows a couple of scenes from the game.

Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos seemed to have improved how the game used the looting system. The developer had this to say about it,

In previous DR titles, loot was strewn all over the ground, making it difficult to tell what was important or useful. It was also extremely taxing on the resources rendering it all out. This was my proposed solution – a loot container system that would allow us to contextualize different drops, clean up the environment, and free up some memory!”

A video of the traversal gym can also be seen on the site. It is a place where the game’s designers could potentially go to get a pre-fab traversal setup as well as learn about the different variations of traversal nodes that exist.

The leak also gives us a look into multiple different levels that Dead Rising: Dia De Los Muertos could potentially include. Each of these levels had its own unique type of combat and mission events. Moreover, it was stated that there would be an “El Guapo” boss fight in the Campus area. 

According to the source, the campus area is riddled full of zombies; however, that is not all. The area also included multiple gang areas that will need to be raided. All of this will subsequently lead to a boss fight.

While still in the very early stages, the El Guapo Boss Fight would include a drug lord with a metallic arm that could shoot electric currents.

Three other videos that were leaked include the Historic hotel, Barrio district, and Barrio village.

Would you have played the game if it had been released? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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