Legend Of Zelda Movie: How Would Jordan Vogt-Roberts Make One?

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Nintendo has a couple of very popular franchises and you can talk about Legend Of Zelda as being a console seller. At least that as true for the Nintendo Switch. It is surprising how Nintendo has not made a Legend Of Zelda movie. Jordan Vogt-Roberts talked about his thoughts regarding the Legend Of Zelda movie and what he would do if he was making it.

According to him, Link would not have much to say in the movie and that it would be interesting to see how fans would react to such a movie. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

I actually think that Link should not speak the entire film. A few fans may agree with that, but it’d be interesting to see how it would affect the tone of said film. The thing about Zelda is Zelda is not Lord of the Rings, right? You cannot forget how quirky and bizarre Zelda is. I think you need to find a way to actually fuse the traditional Zelda and the very new Zelda.

Indeed Zelda is nothing like Lord of the Rings and thinking about it like that is plain weird. He further went on to talk about fusing the fantasy element of the game as well as The Ocarina of Time and The Link to the Past. The following is what he had to say about the Legend Of Zelda movie:

I think you have to find a way to very intensely fuse the pure just sort of fantasy of The Ocarina of Time and The Link to the Past, but then I think you need to find a way to incorporate the newer pseudo-tech stuff — you know, the lasers and Tron lines that happen in the newer games, but in a way that’s not overwhelming.

While all this does sound interesting and I think that fans would be interested in watching a Legend Of Zelda movie, it does not seem like such a project is going to become a reality any time soon. But who knows? It might be a secret project that Nintendo has under the covers as we speak.

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