Mario Tennis Aces welcomes new character: Birdo

Super Mario has brought forth many memorable characters since its initial launch during the turn of the century. One of those characters, straight out of Super Mario Bros 2 is Birdo. She was recently announced for Mario Tennis Aces but this time around, there is an added catch which pairs with Nintendo’s new online service.

As announced by Nintendo, yes, the game would include this new yet memorable character to the roster but players who happen to be subscribed to their Online service can play an online tournament and obtain the character this October, before anyone else. For the rest of the world, they will get to play with the character in November.

Birdo, in the original game, used to be an antagonist who shot eggs out of her snout, slinging them at the players. This time around, it won’t be eggs though. Sadly she doesn’t make use of her snout in this game which is a bummer given that how cool it would have been if she served the ball straight out of her snout. From her stats, it can be seen she is an allrounder in all fields.

Birdo in Mario Tennis Aces

For people who are dying to play with this particular character, Nintendo has started its online service for $19.99, so they can get this and play amazing online modes in other titles as well. For those who are not looking to shed the cash, November isn’t that far off.

Sarmad Burki

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