Marvel’s Avengers Future Looks “Grim,” Reports Industry Insider

Marvel's Avengers's decline marches on as it fails to hit the sweet spot in terms of its general reception.

Marvel’s Avengers isn’t shaping up to look too good these days. As a matter of fact, Crystal Dynamics’ latest IP in typical superhero flavor never did manage to live up to the company’s expectations, thereby resulting in a disappointing outcome. Exacerbating the situation further is this latest rumor scoop from prominent industry insider Miller who has reason to believe that the future of Marvel’s Avengers looks flat-out grim.

Sitting down to share his thoughts with the folks over at The Lunch Table Podcast, Miller has provided insight as to what’s further planned for Marvel’s Avengers and how things are looking for the game internally. Unfortunately, when Miller was asked whether the game will see an influx of players, Miller replied, “I got to tell you, I’m not sure we ever will.”

Saying stuff like this straight away live on a podcast spells nothing but impending doom for Marvel’s Avengers, but the scenario at hand still falls in the category of a rumor, so do take it with a pinch of salt.

The Rundown:

  • Marvel’s Avengers is an action-adventure brawler title that traces its initial release back to August 2020. It’s available to play on all major platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.
  • Despite being centered on such a fan-favorite genre and theme, Marvel’s Avengers couldn’t perform well in terms of its sales and overall reception.
  • The game is reviewed to lack the characteristic elements of a proper superhero game, not to mention coming across as a looter-shooter style of title where you constantly have to grind for better gear, but with no through-and-through incentive to unlock end-game content.
  • Miller — a reputable industry leaker — has recently said in a podcast that the future of Marvel’s Avengers isn’t looking any bright. In fact, Miller has reason to believe that Marvel’s Avengers might not even make it to the 4.0 patch series. 
  • Information on She-Hulk has also been dished out. Apparently, Jennifer Walters was made to release for the game after the arrival of the War for Wakanda DLC, but things didn’t follow through that way either.  

Here’s the podcast that The Lunch Table group held with special guest Miller. If you’d like to skim through to the point of interest, you can start watching from the 22-minute mark. That’s where the man in question spills the beans on the trajectory of Marvel’s Avengers at this moment in time.

YouTube video


I got to tell you, I’m not sure we ever will. There’s only so much that I can say. I’ve had conversations in the last few weeks that paint a rather grim picture of the future. I was on record a few months ago saying, “I don’t think we’re going to make it to the 4.0 update series.” I really don’t see it. I mean, that’s over a year away. We still have the whole 3.0 update series to get through.”

Right after that though, Miller sheds some light on She-Hulk—one of the next characters in line to come to Marvel’s Avengers. She-Hulk was inadvertently revealed by a streamer in the presence of one of the developing heads of the game. That too was reported by MIller when it popped up. Talk about awkward silences. 

Miller has expressed reasons to believe that She-Hulk was originally planned voiceovers for the character were recorded by Krizia Bajos way back after the release of the War of Wakanda operation in August 2021. However, following some staffing changes, She-Hulk was internally delayed. 

Marvel’s Avengers currently suffers from mixed reviews on Steam with the broad consensus adamant on the “what could have been” prospect for the action brawler. Late in 2022, the president of Square Enix announced that extensive additional content for Marvel’s Avengers would be released with the hopes of revitalizing sales.

Unfortunately, the game’s fair share of content did come through, but a bump in the title’s success was still not observed. reported back in November last year that Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda exhibited despair over Marvel’s Avengers performance.

His exact words were, “The new challenge that we tackled with this title produced a disappointing outcome.” That said, Matsuda went on to say that the new GaaS (Games as a Service) model in modern-day video games would seemingly be a game-changer, but that too didn’t turn out true for Marvel’s Avengers sadly.   

Oh, just in case you missed it by the way, The Winter Soldier was leaked to arrive in Marvel’s Avengers in recent times, only for the developers to follow up with an official announcement afterward.

What do you think about Marvel’s Avengers in its current state? Share your thoughts in the comments section ahead.

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