Marvel’s Avengers Is No Longer Protected By Denuvo On PC

Latest update has removed Denuvo from the game completely!

Denuvo protection has been a controversial debate in the gaming community, recently. Not only does it demand a constant connection to the internet to even play offline games but it has also been accused of causing significant performance reductions in games, in the past. It also restricts developers from much of the creative freedom for their games, so it may come as no surprise that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have removed Denuvo protection from Marvel’s Avengers entirely.

Earlier today, a new update for Marvel’s Avengers was released and, while new Multiplayer Mission Chains and Fragment Extractors were added, the Denuvo anti-tamper protection was also removed from the game completely (as indicated by the game’s update history on SteamDB). However, this is not mentioned in the patch notes for the update! After the update, many players have reported that the game boots faster now on PC, as a result.

Marvel's Avengers
Marvel’s Avengers’ recent update history removed Denuvo Anti-Tamper. | Source: SteamDB

This will, however, make Marvel’s Avengers vulnerable to piracy but it’s still for the better. At least, developers are realising the concerns with Denuvo protection and choosing not to add it to their games. Some companies, Sega and Amplitude Studios, are even removing Denuvo protection from their games before the release.

In March, Denuvo anti-tamper protection debuted on the PlayStation 5 to offer protection against piracy to developers. Recently, Microsoft also came up with its own version of a blockchain-based anti-piracy system called “Argus” and the company has made some bold claims about it.

As players, we think that Denuvo protection is a scam for anyone that pays for the game, as it adds unnecessary restrictions to fundamental features and degrades performance significantly. We do not, however, condone piracy! From the developers’ perspective, we understand wanting to add Denuvo protection to games. However, there needs to be a better anti-privacy system that doesn’t ruin the experience for players or the creative freedom of developers!

What do you think about this? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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