Marvel’s Wolverine: New Leaked Trailer Shows Off Dismemberment, Traversal, & More

You can also see Logan's pre-adamantium claws.

Story Highlights

  • A trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine has leaked online.
  • The footage shows dismemberment, traversal, and more.
  • Some scenes display Logan’s bone claws which have interesting story implications. 

There’s a new leaked trailer on the block for Marvel’s Wolverine & it showcases traversal, dismemberment, and more. Insomniac suffered a huge data breach in last year’s targeted ransomware attack which continues to affect it to this day. While we can’t directly present the footage, you can find it over on the subreddit dedicated to these leaks.

New Wolverine Trailer
byu/danoka29 ininsomniacleaks

The trailer showcases Wolverine’s signature ferocity, ruthlessly tearing through hordes of enemies with bone claws. This happens to be a surprising detail since it indicates at events that most likely take place prior to the Weapon-X program. Even with all these leaks, the time window of this title isn’t quite clear meaning that we’d have to wait for official announcements.

Moving on, true to his character, the leaked trailer for Marvel’s Wolverine presents dismemberment, brutal takedowns, and heavy gore. It’s clear that Insomniac isn’t shying away from making a game that truly captures Wolverine’s essence. Along with ninjas from The Hand, enemies will presumably include cyborg soldiers as well.

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Previous leaks have shed light on some of the game’s mechanics and systems. Known for its cinematic storytelling and polished gameplay, Insomniac seems poised to deliver a feral, unforgettable experience with Logan’s upcoming outing. Until an official announcement, we advise you to enjoy the footage, temper your expectations, and take things with a grain of salt.

Marvel's Wolverine
Marvel’s Wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 5. No release date has been announced.

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