Fan-Made Mega Man Legends X Gets A Demo Release

The fans of the series can end their 23-year wait for another Mega Man Legends game with this project.

Story Highlights

  • You can now play the demo for the upcoming fan-made Mega Man Legends X.
  • It is a free download, available on Dropbox and fans can even use the assets in it.
  • Developer Tugboat Games has released a YouTube video showing the gameplay and prefers that you would play the demo with a Gamepad.

You can now play the demo for Mega Man Legends X, a fan-made game based on the popular series. Indie developer Tugboat Games is responsible for developing this fan project. Players can try out this Mega Man game for free as the developers have released the demo for no extra cost.

It is available to download on Dropbox and the developers linked to this demo under a YouTube video. This video shows the gameplay of Mega Man Legends X, and you can view it for yourself down below.

YouTube video

Mega Man is one of the most well-known characters in gaming pop culture. Since its first release in 1987, the IP spawned many spin-off franchises and series based on the titular character. With over 38 million copies sold worldwide, it is one of the most successful Japanese IPs.

Among the many spin-off games from the series, one was Mega Man Legends. The first game in this series came out in 1997 and was 3D instead of being traditionally 2D like other Mega Man games. PlayStation got this first release, with a sequel launching three years later.

However, Mega Man Legends ended abruptly after this, and a spin-off starring antagonist Tron Bonne. Fans did not get a conclusion to the series as the final game did not tie up the storyline. A third game was in the works for Nintendo 3DS by Capcom but eventually didn’t see the light of day.

YouTube video

Hence, fans of Mega Man Legends were left angry and this decision received a lot of criticism. Characters from the series have since appeared in other games like Marvel vs. Capcom. But, fans have not got another game in the series since that time.

Finally, this wait is ending with this fan project, even if it does look a bit wobbly. You can play Mega Man Legends X right now via the free demo and try it out for yourself. If you are a true fan of the spin-off series, you will likely thank God for this. 

Developer Tugboat Games has said you can play it with a Gamepad or an Xbox Controller, with the former preferred. In addition, the cutscenes are placeholders as this cut isn’t final as of yet. The final release of Mega Man Legends X will include much more stuff not present in the demo.

Fans can also use the assets present in this demo build from the developer’s Sketchfab page. Hence, you can create your own Legends game if you want to. But, Tugboat Games do want credit if you do as they are the original creator of those assets.

The demo is almost 15 minutes long according to the playthrough in the YouTube video. We can see Mega Man fight a boss and some other enemies and it does look neat. For sure, Mega Man Legends X needs a bit of polish as you can see some slowdown in the video.

Hopefully, we see a full version of the game and you can donate to make it happen if you like the demo.

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