Mobile version for the Diablo franchise coming soon

The Diablo franchise happens to be one of the brainchildren of Blizzard entertainment. With its presence throughout consoles and PC, even a proper edition for the Nintendo Switch (which isn’t very common), Diablo happens to be quite a fan favoured action role playing game. Their recent title happened to be Diablo 3 and their upcoming one, closing the loop with their presence on devices all over, will be on Mobile devices, as explained during BlizzCon 18 (Blizzard Entertainment’s Flagship event).

Mobile version: Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

The upcoming title would be called Diablo: Immortal and it would be developed and integrated to be a standalone game for the mobile processors all around. Dubbing it the “full fledged ARPG” experience, the game would be featuring eight major zones, which is one of the few things we know about it for now. This zones would be such as the frozen tundra. According to the developers and the announcers, more zones will be periodically added to the title. Along with that, characters from Diablo 3 would be present in the game with similar abilities and some unique ones as well. Not only that, with respect to the story line, Diablo: Immortal would be serving as the bridge for the gap between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Details on gameplay, which was quite similar to other RPGs on mobile platforms, was announced as well. The gameplay trailer can be seen here below

The game would be coming to both iOS and Android but the final release date has yet to be announced. With BlizzCon going on, further details may be announced or better yet, more games and RPGs may be announced. Everyone will just have to see.

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