Notification Summary Feature Spotted in Latest Sony Patent

Making the UI more seamless

The PlayStation 5 houses a genuinely smooth, and appealing user interface that sparks convenience right out the gate. The innovation seems to be fresh and quite suited to the capability of Sony’s next-gen frontrunner, but the company yet remains hard at work to bring bigger and better features to the table. After all, quality of life improvements, no matter how small, come together and pave the way to easy usability and a better overall experience—something that gamers look out for consistently.

The new patent registered by Sony aims to target the user interface by changing the way notifications are viewed. First seen by OPATTACK, the abstract of the patent reads, “Techniques for managing notifications are described. In an example, a computing device presents content in an application window based on an execution of an application. Notification data is received by a computing device. Based on a context associated with the computing device, such as whether the application window is the foreground and whether the notification data is associated with the application or such as the operational mode of the computing device, a determination is made whether or present a corresponding notification in-context within the application window of in a pop-up window. Otherwise, the notification is added to a notification list and can be summarized in a notification summary.”

Here’s a glimpse of what the patent images look like.

Patent Image
Patent Image

The summary feature is going to look something like this.

Notification Summary Patent Image
Notification Summary Patent Image

While you’re not going to get anything groundbreaking out of this, it’s good to see that the PlayStation interface is already subject to improvements sooner or later in the future. The upgrades never stop coming, do they?

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