PlayStation 5’s DualSense Reportedly Experiencing Stick Drift Early Into Launch

Multiple PS5 owners are not happy with this surfacing issue

The PlayStation 5 launched less than a month ago and has seen fantastic reception across the spectrum. However, many issues and problems with the next-gen console have also become apparent now. The DualSense, which is the PlayStation 5’s top-of-the-line controller, is in the latest with this matter, unfortunately.

It turns out that history repeats itself. “Stick drift” was a common issue with PlayStation’s 4 DualShock, and the problem also remains a hassle in Nintendo Switch‘s Joy-Con controllers. Quite recently, and to everyone’s surprise, as well, the DualSense has met with the same fate.

For those of you who don’t know, “Stick drift” is when one of the controller’s analog sticks becomes faulty and moves in a certain direction without you even touching the stick. This is mainly when a component inside the analog stick malfunctions and, thus, behaves this way. Here’s a video that explains the concept.

Dualsense Drift from PS5

The problem may not occur to every PlayStation 5 owner out there, but the fact that it’s happening to many is still enough to question the next-gen of consoles’ credibility.

Just noticed my Dualsense drifts 🙁 from PS5

Looking into the matter further, this controller teardown video explains that the component used in the analog part of the DualSense is pretty much similar to what the DualShock 4 had to offer (skip to the 6th minute for the comparison). This raises serious concerns as Sony couldn’t switch up its game plan despite years of complaints.

My DualSense’s right stick starts drifting from PS5

It’s a sigh of relief that, at least, a warranty claim can get you a new controller shipped as soon as you let the company know. Still, the problem of the analog stick drifting staying as relevant as ever is an unprecedented spectacle.

There’s also the possibility that several of these users have dropped or damaged their DualSense in some way. Then again, people have also said that they had this issue right out of the box with their controller.

Only time will tell if Sony comments on this matter or not.

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