Pokemon Violet’s Playthrough Leak Surfaces Online

Someone has been leaking their Pokemon Violet playthrough on the internet.

A Twitter account has recently been created with the sole purpose of posting Pokemon Violet playthrough leaks. The leaks mostly contain pictures of the game being played on a tablet and TV screen.

The leaks also show the new starter pokemon, as well as their evolution and several other pokemon from the game. You can also get a sneak peek at several NPCs in the game and also some of the new features.

Major Takeaways:

  • The Twitter account by the name of @Presidentlilna1 leaked several images of their Pokemon Violet playthrough.
  • The Twitter account has since been banned.
  • The leaked images show the new starter, Fuecoco, and its evolved form.
  • Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are set to release on November 18.

The Twitter account also said they’d be back with more leaks soon. However, the Twitter account was quickly deleted.

Fortunately, the Reddit user u/Jhyxe provided several mirrors, including one on Imgur, for the leaked images before the Twitter account was taken down.

The leaked images show the leaker selecting the female trainer as their character. They then choose Fuecoco as their starter. Fuecoco is a fire-type starter that evolves into Crocalor, as shown in the leaked images.

You’ll also be able to purchase different types of meals for your pokemon. It is yet unclear what type of effect they have. However, it is speculated that these meals will have a different effect depending on what pokemon eats them.

The leaked images also show several NPCs and the player’s conversation with them. You can also see several pokemon from the game, including the legendary Miraidon and the entire map of the Paldea region.

The leaker will likely return with a different Twitter account again to share more leaks. However, for now, this is all we have from the upcoming game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to release on November 18, 2022, on Nintendo Switch. The open-world RPG sets in the Paldea region. It is also the first game in the pokemon franchise that gives you the legendary on-the-box right from the start.

These box legendaries are there to make your journey in the open-world RPG much easier. They can transform into different types of vehicles to allow you to traverse the Paldea region smoothly. You can fly on these legendaries, swim in bodies of water, or ride them like a bike.

Pokemon’s official Twitter also announced that Pokemon Scarlet/Violet will be receiving a new trailer tomorrow on Youtube.

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