Rayman 4’s Source Code Leak Showcases Canceled Title’s Gameplay

Over the years, some material from the scrapped game has surfaced, but quite never like this.

When we talk about quirky protagonists in video games, Rayman is one name we can’t leave out. The vegetable/human hybrid has been the star of a successful series of platformers since 1995. But, even the most loved characters of the gaming world have to go through trials and tribulations sometimes.

Rayman faced this in the form of the canceled Rayman 4 in 2006, which transitioned into the spin-off Rayman Raving Rabbids at Ubisoft. Over the years, small leaks have given us glimpses of this canceled Rayman game. However, the facade has been fully revealed after the source code and the editor of Rayman 4 leaked.

Major Takeaways

  • Canceled Rayman 4’s prototypes source code has leaked.
  • Fans have been discovering stuff from the game like the riding mechanic and new levels. 
  • The leak resembles the original trailer for Rayman 4, released a long while ago.

Twitter use RibShark is responsible for reporting this leak to the masses. Originally, this all came out on 4Chan, but we don’t have to revert to the website for safety reasons. It’s safe to say that the contents of the leak reveal stuff about Rayman 4 we never knew.

RibShark reported all the material he found inside the source code. First off, we see the main character riding a spider, confirming that the riding mechanics were in the game. These mechanics were present in the trailer but never made it to light after the cancellation. 

Rayman 4 riding mechanics
Rayman 4 riding mechanics

Next up, the aggregator reveals that the unfinished version of Rayman 4 had a mission called “Sphincter Cell“. The visuals certainly look scary in the image we see in the Twitter thread. We have no idea where it takes place as the setting does look mysterious.

After that, we see the Tweeter play a level in Rayman 4 which he says is “semi-complete“. It’s not even a level yet, just a level concept that he could play via the leaked source code. You have to go inside a Rabbid robot and blow it up from the inside, something we would have had a lot of fun playing with. 

Some martial arts moves are also visible in the video, which was a thing we only saw in the trailer. Another interesting item is a gun, which is shooting carrots in the clip we see in the thread. It might be the prototype of the plunger gun, first seen in Rayman Raving Rabbids.

We get a look at Rayman’s girlfriend in the game at the end of this thread. For some reason, the character model has “nothing” written on the left of it. Other users have also started rummaging through the Rayman 4 source code and finding out stuff.

Twitter user M3KAI5ER44 used this to their advantage and posted a test map from the source code in the replies. In addition to this, they posted several other screenshots from Rayman 4. This included the death animation and the use of subtitles in the game.

One other fan Tweeted another interesting thing found in the source code. Twitter user TheZombieKiller shared a video from the Rayman 4 source code featuring an interesting level. In the video, Rayman is fighting villains in a setting that looks like a spaceship

He uses punches to combat the advancing Rabbids, showing us melee combat. Rabbids also look like how they did in the original trailer of Rayman 4. And seeing this cool mission just makes us sadder about this cancellation.

Hopefully, we will keep seeing more stuff like this after this source code leak. The Rayman franchise has more in store for us in the future and we are certainly looking forward to it.

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