Resident Evil 4 Remake Now Has Treasures Locked Behind Paywall

"With this map, additional treasures will be placed throughout the game. Some of these treasures can only be obtained by this method."

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  • The source of this comes straight from the Microsoft Store.
  • The treasures in question are locked behind a DLC known as the Resident Evil 4 Treasure Map: Expansion.
  • With this purchase, new and possibly unique items will be added to a player’s single-player experience.

Since the dawn of modern gaming, the idea of milking a game for all its worth has been adamant. Publishers like EA have been ridiculed to an astounding extent, Bethesda has been corrupted by these ethics, and it seems Capcom is showing small signs of this destructive trend with Resident Evil 4.

Unlike a standard DLC which adds new areas to explore, new weapons to use, and a new story to witness, this new DLC unfortunately has none of the mentioned attributes. Although it may not be confirmed, reading its description gives us a clear census of what it will be.

On the official Microsoft Store, the description states,

Discover the hidden treasures that await! With this map, additional treasures will be placed throughout the game. Some of these treasures can only be obtained by this method. Notes: – The location of additional treasures can be confirmed in your Map in the Main Story.

This new Resident Evil 4 addition cannot be sold separately and contains new items unique to the other items available in the game. After purchasing, your game will automatically receive these unspecified items immediately. Although it is not stated what they are, it is pretty easy to decipher that it will be more than just your average ammo drop or herbs that are found throughout the world.

The possibility of these treasures being something along the lines of improved weapon parts or some new type of grenade could be very unique, but the fact that it is locked behind a paywall really sours the overall mood.

The game isn’t even out yet but the fact that a DLC has already gone live is definitely concerning. This might mean that in the future, we might see DLC like this become more occurrent.

A DLC like this was never talked about in initial interviews so it is very possible to consider this being actual in-game content at one point, which then later got removed and transferred as DLC.

Many players have started sharing their worries that other aspects of the game might be taken away. Players who played the original Resident Evil 4 will know about Separate Ways, a campaign tailored for another main protagonist in the franchise.

The concerns in question are that this campaign might also get locked behind a paywall. Although not a dreaded currency system, having this much DLC in one game is probably not a good idea. Just look at RE7, the DLC equaled the entire main game in terms of content.

With everything said, the game is yet to be released and until players land on the home screen, we cannot tell for sure what will and won’t be included, so until then players can only hope for the best.

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