Backlash From Silent Hill 2 Merch Inspires Fans To Create Their Own Designs In Retaliation

The merch birthed out of a collab has divided fans on a spectrum.

Story Highlights

  • Konami recently collaborated with Online Ceramics to bring Silent Hill 2 merch for the fans, which has come under fire for various reasons.
  • As criticized by onlookers, the new apparel is exorbitantly expensive, with some options nearly hitting the price of the original Silent Hill 2 on eBay. 
  • The shirts are loaded with the site links as an advertisement, which has led fans to create their mock-up merch to poke fun at Online Ceramics.
  • Some fans have also called the designs ugly, and the outdated look of the website has turned others off.

As announced via Twitter, Konami has recently partnered with Online Ceramics, a renowned online clothing store, to bring Silent Hill 2 merch for the fans. However, the idea seems to have backfired for the studio, as many fans have called out the supposedly bad design, high pricing, and many other oddities in the buyable merch. The recent offer has split fans in a spectrum, as many have alleged not to buy the themed clothes in post replies.

The website boasts a wide variety of merch, ranging from designs on a cuter side to absolutely haunted apparel. All the sizes are dealt for on the official website, letting gamers of all statures enjoy the new deal. While some fans have praised the gesture by Konami, many others have united against it. For example, one user got to work to create Silent Hill 2 shirts after being disappointed by the shirt designs and price available in the offer.

The user went on to whip up a few designs for the sake of objection and to make fun of the apparently absurd prices. Moreover, the mock-up shirt also features site links to make fun of the original Silent Hill 2 merch by Online Ceramics since the available shirts are also decked with site links. Some options have two links to the website on the front and back, which has caused many fans deep disappointment, as expressed on Twitter.

Another Twitter user created esthetic-looking motifs, which almost resembled the quality of official merch designs, in just 20 minutes. The shirts were adorned with the “Bad Designs” logo to mock the original offer. Commenters praised the shirt and called it better than the deal by Online Ceramics. There have been many other users who recently created or designed Silent Hill-themed outfits in the past.

The backlash grew from there as one fan provided an alternate for Silent Hill 2-themed merch, while others called out Konami for making “many bad decisions.” A page with nearly 6000 followers and fully devoted to the Silent Hill series named “Silent Hill Fact Hub” also partook in showing dislike for the merch deal by Konami. “Apologies for breaking character. This is the ugliest SH merch I’ve ever seen. I’d pay more for the E3 SH2 pen.

Another central point of disdain from fans emerged from the insane pricing of some of the options featured on the site. In other words, some choices are almost more costly than the original Silent Hill 2 currently available on eBay, which has caused fans to boycott the deal entirely. One user specifically pointed out a Black Work Pants option, selling for an unbelievable price of 270 USD. 

Unfortunately, the contempt for the new Silent Hill 2 merch deal does not end there, as others were quick to call out the very outdated design of the website. The Online Ceramics website has a minimalist design straight out of the late 90s, which appears to have not sat right with a few users who were attracted by the new sale. Many onlookers thought the link was broken because of the simplistic layout.

All in all, a few of the designs by Online Ceramics were also praised for eye-catching quality. A spectrum of fans has also supported the Silent Hil 2 merch lineup; some have shown interest in purchasing from the new collaboration.

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