Song Of Memories Coming To Switch’s eShop On March 24

Previously the port for the visual novel was cancelled because of complications.

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  • Song of Memories will finally be available for Nintendo Switch players on March 23, 2023.
  • The game will get an exclusive digital release on the Switch eShop with a $28.99 price point.
  • Future Tech Lab is developing and publishing the port over 4 years after the PQube one was scrapped due to technical difficulties.

Nintendo Switch players will finally be able to play Song of Memories as the visual novel releases next week. PureWish, a brand of creator Future Tech Lab that is developing the port, announced on Twitter that the game will come out on the Switch eShop on March 23, 2023. A listing is already available in the store and it is priced at $28.99. Song of Memories will be a Switch eShop digital exclusive.Song of Memories Switch eShop

Song of Memories Switch eShopBefore this, a Nintendo Switch port for the romance visual novel by publisher PQube was canceled due to complications back in January 2019. Developer Future Tech Lab’s Yasuo Omote explained how there were issues with licensing and that it wasn’t about hardware. As per the developer, it was more about whether the E-mote would function properly on the console. But, it seems like the studio conquered the tech issues, bringing Song of Memories to the Switch.

Omote informed us of this impending release back in November 2022. He said that the version canceled by PQube was only the western release, not the whole. The Future Tech Lab developer confirmed that development was ongoing and Song of Memories worked flawlessly on the Nintendo Switch devkit. Multiple languages would also be available in the Switch eShop exclusive port according to Yasuo Omote.

He was right about the exclusivity and the port’s development and as it turns out, about the linguistic options too. Song of Memories will be available in English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. The visual novel will also have a file size of 5.9 GB on the Nintendo Switch as per the eShop listing. You can play the musical visual novel in all three Nintendo Switch play modes.

Song of Memories previously came out only in Japan, first on PlayStation 4 in April 2017. A PC port was released via Steam on February 27, 2018, and both of these versions saw international releases. The visual novel has a romantic premise with an interesting story unfolding as you play. It puts heavy emphasis on music and decision making with every choice you make having a big impact.

Players create their own destiny in Song of Memories and control a protagonist interacting with six different girls in a school setting. You have to attend events like the date and pool events and make memories. More than 100 common events are in the first part of the game. However, players have to encounter a deadly virus and stop it from spreading as the visual novel proceeds.

By using the “E-mote” tool, Song of Memories presents the visuals of an anime despite being a game. It features beautiful graphics and a star-studded voice cast that recorded over 40 hours of dialogue as per the Steam description. Hence, your protagonist Minato Kamishiro will play a thorough high school love life filled with songs. More than 30 songs are present in Song of Memories and the game’s rhythm elements implement the tracks into battle.

During combat, you make choices that lead to turn-based battles against monsters infected by the virus. You fight these creatures through the above-mentioned rhythm-based mini-games. Therefore you have to pay attention to the rhythm. 

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