Early Build Of Mysterious Sony Sci-Fi RPG Leaks Online

This year keeps getting better and better.

In recent times, there has been heavy speculation that Sony may be working on a new video game IP. This speculation has further been cemented by the rumor that has been floating since early this morning.

According to a post on Icon Era, it’s been reported a new Sony IP could be at bay. This latest revelation left fans extremely dumbfounded, and the quest to get more information ensued.


  • There has been a rumor circulating stating that there is an upcoming Sony IP.
  • There is a several-second video that has also been leaked.
  • It will be an RPG made on Unreal Engine 5.
  • It is in development by an unknown external developer.
  • Dusk Golem advises not to judge the leaked clip too critically and that he is waiting for Sony to officially announce Ooze.

John Elden Ring on IconEra, who is credited for first bringing the rumor to light, also included a couple of clips with their claim. The video is available for viewing on the provided link. 

From what we know, the Sony IP could be a sci-fi RPG made in Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine 5 is a multi-tool development environment for making games as well as 3D content—no surprises there.

It will ensure that the new Sony IP will have improved graphic fidelity as well as dynamic lightning. So the upcoming Sony IP will certainly be a sight to behold. 

Now, if you have seen the leaked video clip, you might be a little worried about how grainy the game looks. What we’re seeing is a “very early” prototype build, which is subject to improvement over time. From what we know, the Sony IP is being developed by an external developer that has yet not been named. 

Interestingly Dusk Golem — notable industry leaker — also put their two cents in. They have tweeted the following, thereby confirming that this leaked IP is, indeed, Ooze. 

Dusk Golem has previously claimed that PlayStation is working on a new IP called Ooze. Not much is known about this mysterious project.   

What is your take on the whole situation? Do share your thoughts in the common section below.

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