Streamer Attempting To Platinum One Kingdom Hearts Game Everyday

The increasingly tedious feat has already restarted a few times.

It is human nature to be a competitive, race to the finish line, and be the first to cross it. The rise of video games in the mid-90s also saw some players playing games to complete them as fast as possible. Thus, an earlier iteration of speedrunning was born, which has grown massively in the recent decennia.

Speedrunning has extended beyond just players doing it alone; Streamers and YouTubers actively live stream their frustrating ventures, which are widely beloved by the community. Speedrunning is efficiently finishing a game as quickly as possible while utilizing various methods like glitches, or tools, depending on the nature.

Communities are formed around speedrunning communities, and the times are stored on leaderboards. Almost all AAA or even small indie titles include speedrunners, with players trying to finish the game as early as possible. Titles like Elden Ring, Super Mario, and Minecraft boast vast speedrunning communities. 

However, one speedrunner is taking it to a new level. Desa35 on Twitch is attempting to speedrun one Kingdom Hearts title daily. The talented and well-renowned streamer is known for his persistence in completing speed runs. Desa has iterated that he will platinum one Kingdom Hearts title daily.

This extremely monotonous and exhausting task can go wrong at any step and may cause Desa to restart his series repeatedly. Kingdom Hearts titles are notorious for being very difficult to platinum. At the time of writing, the streamer is trying to platinum Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories which can take 20+ hours to complete. 

The real problem arises while speedrunning Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep which has a world record of 27 hours. The hardcore strive will have to shave a few hours to fit in the 24 hours speedrun threshold. The endeavor is praise-worthy since Kingdom Hearts is considered very hard in the speedrunning community.

Fans are busy discussing the possibility of this speedrun being a success in the speedrunning community. However, not all is sunshine and rainbows; Desa struggles with various exhausting attempts. The series has restarted three times, and Desa experienced crashes twice, but he has not given up. 

The “High-Octane Speedrunner” has posted his schedule on his Twitter handle while also discussing the recent crash. The feat is already beginning to appear on forums as fans of Kingdom Hearts and speedrunning alike are praising him.

All in all, the fierce campaign may inspire more speedrunners to chase these insane thresholds. What are your thoughts about Desa35 speedrunning one Kingdom Hearts game a day? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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