The Street Fighter 6 Logo Seems To Be From A Stock Logo Site

The logo is available for $80 on the Adobe Stock site.

Street Fighter 6 is the talk of the gaming world right now. The game got its major reveal trailer yesterday, and the speculation is through the roof. From roster predictions to guessing which platforms it will be on, everyone is talking about Street Fighter 6. Although most of the dialogue is positive, there is some controversial discourse around one thing. The game’s logo has got a lot of heat from everyone for being generic and bland. Some fans have said that Bandai Namco didn’t put any effort into creating this logo. And now, a new find on Twitter backs up this theory. 

A tweet tells us that the Street Fighter 6 logo is available for a mere $80 on Adobe’s Stock site. This logo looks exactly like the one shown to the world in the reveal trailer. Therefore, Bandai Namco probably bought this template off the site and made it into the logo.

Aurich says that Bandai Namco just rounded off a couple of corners and a few edges before adding the 6. So, they didn’t put that much effort into creating this logo and just took a bland template from a stock site. As the template is a match, this does hold some weight.

The logo present on the stock site

There was a lot of fan outrage concerning the logo on the Internet. Everyone was joking about how it looks like a stock image and not something a Graphic Designer would make. But no one saw these jokes coming true. A massive studio like Bandai Namco going on the Stock site and typing SF seems hard to believe. However, seeing the evidence, this is most likely what happened.

You might be thinking why such a trivial thing like a logo can cause such a breakdown. After all, it is just a logo that will only appear at the start of the game and has zero impact on the game itself. But, that is not the case. Players think that Bandai Namco putting such little effort into a logo indicates the amount they will put into Street Fighter 6. In short, if you can’t hire a Graphic Designer to make a new logo, it doesn’t give players confidence that you are doing other things right. Every little detail matters a lot.

This whole logo ordeal is an amusing and frankly shocking thing for gamers. The lack of effort is undoubtedly mortifying to see from the player’s point of view. However, we can hope that Bandai Namco is doing a better job on the other aspects of Street Fighter 6. If that’s the case, maybe we can let this one slide. No release date for Street Fighter 6 is known yet, but we are getting new information in the Summer. Stay with us for all the updates about the game. 

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