Suikoden I And II HD Remakes Announced By The Japanese Studio

The games will be released next year.

Suikoden I and Suikoden II, originally released in 1995 and 1998, respectively, are announced to be released as high-definition remasters in 2023 by Konami, the Japan-based game developer. The first releases of both games were PlayStation exclusives.

Konami announced these games by releasing a trailer. The trailer shows much more refined gameplay optimized for modern consoles.


  • Games were announced for PS4, Xbox, Switch, and Steam.
  • With the release of remasters, Konami hopes to get back into the groove.

Suikoden gameplay stills from the trailer.
Another gameplay still from the trailer.
Another gameplay still from the trailer.

The games are part of the famous role-playing game series, Suikoden, developed by the Japanese studio.

Suikoden I is about a hero, son of the General Teo McDohl, who is called to fight the enemies of the Scarlet Moon Empire in the northlands. Accompanied by his friends, he starts his journey in the Imperial Army. But soon the corruption deep in the foundations of the empire becomes evident to him. 

He then fights the corrupt empire aiming to free its enslaved and unhappy populace.

Suikoden II is not a sequel to the previous game. Riou, the protagonist of this game, first loyal to the Highland kingdom begins his journey in the youth brigade. But over the years he is revealed to the evils of the Kingdom. In order to fight and redeem himself, he joins the rebel alliance, New Alliance Army, and becomes its leader.

Lucas Blight, the crown prince of Highland Kingdom, is the main antagonist of the game.

Both of these titles were very popular and successful. Often considered OGs of the RPG genre, they were compared to the more successful RPG series Final Fantasy by RPG fanatics. 

This is very welcoming news for RPG enthusiasts, as they will be able to experience the nostalgia of playing these games on much more advanced consoles.

This is also an attempt by Konami to get back into the competition.

Over the years Konami has been quite inactive in the industry with very few releases. When compared to the 90s and early 2000s, their game production output was abysmal.

Suikoden I and II will be released for PS4, Xbox, Switch, and Steam, next year. Tell us if you are looking forward to the release of these RPG classics in the comments below.

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