Switch brings in big with SNK anniversary bundle and more for eShop

Nintendo clearly knows the way to their player’s hearts. The Switch happens to be one of the most loved consoles out there. It is not just because of its form factor (obviously that’s amazing), but it is because of the fact that Nintendo has made sure the Switch boasts games that are addictive, nostalgic and all-around (all-time playing games out there). eShop, the online shop for all Nintendo based titles and other add-ons has great news rounded up for players.

The first news happens to be that the game Taiko no Tatsujin, the Drum master. The game, which was already out is being brought back tot he eShop and players who have played it before or even know what the game is about would be thrilled by this news. The add-ons it brings with the joy-cons that are used in game play is just exquisite. Perhaps, not many are introduced in the North American part of the world but in its home country, Japan, the integration with Joy cons happens to be great.

Taiko no Tatsujin
Taiko no Tatsujin

The second big news happens to be that since it is the time when SNK turns 40, it brings about a plethora of games that are brought down to the end users. Mainly the SNK classics with the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. The collection would run players $39.99 and will be coming out on Tuesday, 13th of November. The game would include about 14 titles and more to be added in December sometime.

SNK 40th anniversary collection
SNK anniversary collection cover

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