Tekken 7 Producer Hints Who Might Be the Next DLC Character

Many were expecting someone different

Tekken 7 is arguably one of the greatest fighting games ever made. Being the ninth installment in this glorious series, the game boasts immersive gameplay, and one-on-one brawling has never been better in video gaming history.

It is updated on a consistent basis, and so far, we gamers have been blessed with 4 “Seasons” of the game. Each season has brought new stages, significant gameplay changes, bug fixes, new moves, and, of course, newer characters.

We could write a book about this game’s technical splendor, but to keep it directed at the point in question, we have some news regarding the next DLC character for its “Season 4.”

Quite a while ago, Bandai Namco had released Tekken 7’s update roadmap. According to it, we still have one more character and stage left to be revealed, and regarding this, the game’s producer Michael Murray has teased the scenario with a couple of tweets.

Tekken 7 Roadmap
Tekken 7 Roadmap

Take a look at his tweet below.

Michael Murray on Twitter
Michael Murray on Twitter

Right before that one, Murray had tweeted the following as well.

Incoming News for Tekken 7
Incoming News for Tekken 7

Christie Monteiro made her debut in Tekken 4. She has made appearances in all the follow-up games except for Tekken 7. Her fighting technique and style goes by the name of “capoeira,” which is something straight out of Brazil.

According to the roadmap above, the next releases are expected as soon as next month since March marks the beginning of Spring. Everything seems to be aligned perfectly, but these tweets aren’t still concrete enough to prove that Christie indeed is the next DLC character. Let’s see what next month has in store for Tekken fans.

What do you make of these tweets? Let us know in the comments below.

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