Mod Replaces The Last Of Us Part 2’s Ellie With Bella Ramsey

Get a hint of the upcoming HBO adaptation early on.

Mods are some of the wildest proponents of the PC gaming industry. They make a wide variety of prospects possible by either allowing one to switch up the gameplay of a particular game in some aspect or swapping the actual in-game characters with someone or something else, typically of a highly bizarre nature. 

The latter has been the case with The Last of Us Part 2’s Ellie, who has been actively replaced with Bella Ramsey in the game due to the courtesy of a mod. Bella is slated to play the character of Ellie in the upcoming HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, which is due to release on January 15, less than a week from now. 

A YouTube going by the username of Speclizer has exclusively created this mod and showcased it on their channel. The footage of this mod in action showcases Bella Ramsey’s Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2, and in all fairness, the accuracy of the cheeky add-on is something to be impressed with. 

The Rundown: 

  • Being one of the most well-anticipated and hyped-up video game sequels in the day and age we live in today, The Last of Us Part 2 does not need any introduction to the genre of survival horror. It arrived in 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and has come out to be one of the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusives to date. 
  • The Last of Us Part 2 stars Ellie, played by Ashley Johnson, as the main protagonist of the title right alongside Joel, similar to the previous iteration in the series. 
  • That said, a latest mod created by Speclizer and shared on YouTube sees Bella Ramsey — Ellie’s actress in the forthcoming live television show of The Last of Us — replacing Ashley Johnson’s Ellie in the game. 
  • The visual quality and the editing finish of the mod are on point and look utterly high quality.

The Last of Us Part is one of the most prized IPs that has ever come out of Sony’s offices, thanks to the constant effort of Naughty Dog in growing and developing the series. The franchise has now ventured to a point where a television show is coming out after it, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. 

Apart from all the controversy that made haste toward The Last of Us 2’s storyline, some say otherwise and conform to the idea that the latter is nothing but a masterpiece.   

Please be advised: The following video contains heavy spoilers that will ultimately spill the beans for you with regard to The Last of Us 2’s major plotline. If you haven’t played the game already, we strictly advise against watching it. In case you’ve already beat the game, feel free to dive right in. 

YouTube video

To get you up to speed with whatever has been occurring in the domain of Naughty Dog in recent times, there’s a The Last of Us multiplayer game currently under work on the side of the developers. That is to say, Naughty Dog has revealed new concept art for an online-centric game based on The Last of Us.

There’s no further word on that, so we’ll have to settle with a couple of concept art images for now on that front. Apart from that, do let us know what you think of this game-changing mod in the comments section ahead. 

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