Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Receives A Crucial Fix In Latest Patch

Genuine camera controls.

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  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has received a new update that improves the game’s infamous mouse controls along with other fixes.
  • The patch has added several quality-of-life features that should have been present at launch based on Team Ninja’s previous games. 
  • The lack of these features combined with the game’s questionable performance on all platforms shows that it would have benefitted from some extra development time.

After two weeks of suffering from myriad problems across the board, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty finally gets another patch that targets one of its paramount issues. Team Ninja has rolled out a new version update today titled v1.04. The official patch notes released by the studio start off by stating one of the most anticipated fixes for the game—improved mouse controls.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty input scheme on PC was bad enough to make controllers a requirement rather than a choice. The critical problem was the camera when using a mouse. The patch has improved these controls and we’re hoping it’s now a far more viable choice. Furthermore, the scroll wheel and lighting controls during photo mode when using a mouse were also enhanced.

Quality Of Life Improvements In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

While the highlight of this patch might be the improved camera with a mouse, the update brings mandatory quality-of-life additions. It’s perplexing since these features were present in Nioh and Nioh 2 at launch. However, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty did not include them.

You will now be able to automatically restock arrows/projectiles and consumables from the storehouse whenever a Battle Flag is accessed. Moreover, it is now possible to switch lock-on targets during a Fatal Strike animation, deflects (in response to an enemy’s Critical Blow), and the Divine Beast Summons. While this is a welcome addition, there’s still no comment on the animation lock that really holds the game back from further elevation.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Patch Notes for mouse controls & other adjustments.
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Patch Notes for mouse controls & other adjustments.

Another fantastic feature that should have been in the game from the get-go was added with the update. Players will now be able to open the Travel screen from the prompt that appears after clearing a battlefield. However, main battlefields cleared for the first time will not present this option. This feature will allow you to select the area you’d want to go to next without having to return to the hub or start the next main mission.

Next in line is the option to return to the briefing screen prior to starting the co-op mode. In addition, the option to try the same battlefield again was also made available. These options will appear on the screen after completing a co-op session. Besides these, the morale rank values and specific AIs have received some adjustments as well.

As of this patch, the default Morale Rank while at The Hidden Village will be 20. This may affect the side missions located in this area. Upward adjustments were made to the morale points acquired by players along with the AI in the side mission “The Tiger’s Loyal Subjects.” Lastly, the damage taken from Critical Blows in this mission along with the parameters for the increase & decrease of Spirit was adjusted.

Major Bug And Stability Fixes

Bad controls and good features weren’t the only problems in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The game suffered from other aspects of bad ports. Frequent crashes, unusual flickering, texture pop-ins, random slowdowns during gameplay, and much more. Many of these issues have been resolved with v1.04. As mentioned in the patch notes, flickering in certain locations and rendering distortions have been alleviated.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bugs and miscellaneous fixes
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty bugs and miscellaneous fixes

Furthermore, several bugs such as those that lead to key configurations being reset upon changing screen resolutions & the time needed to provide aid to NPCs being dependent on framerate were fixed. Bugs related to Wizardry Spells such as Unseeable Form along with other UI-specific systems have also been ironed out.

While this patch won’t fix all of the game’s problems, it definitely addresses some of the most prominent ones. Our experience with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was fantastic despite being marred by performance hiccups. It’s reassuring to see that those hiccups are now being addressed.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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