Xenoblade Chronicles Composer to Reveal New Project Next Month

Yasunori Mitsuda is revealing a new project next month.

Fans have been waiting for the Chrono Cross Remaster and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for a long time. Square Enix and Nintendo publish these games respectively. Rumors about new games have been going around for a while. Some fans think the new entries to these series are coming. A tweet by the composer of both these games has gained everyone’s attention.

Composer Yasunori Mitsuda said in a Tweet that he is announcing a new project next month. The composer dropped this info in a tweet thanking followers for birthday messages. Fans speculate that this new project can be the Chrono Cross Remaster. While some players think it can be the new Xenoblade. So, this Tweet has sent players into a frenzy.


Mitsuda is mostly known for working on the above-named series. He worked on the Chrono Cross game in 1999 and Chrono Trigger in 1995. The composer has also done a lot of work in the Xeno series. He has been composing the series since 1998. The veteran has done a lot of other work but these are his more popular pieces.

So, player think it won’t be wrong to assume his next project is from these series. The February announcement also aligns with some other rumors about the games. Nintendo and Square Enix haven’t done a great job of keeping production under wraps. A Chrono Cross Remaster has been rumored for some time. Many leaks also suggest a new Xenoblade is coming out in 2023. So, the fans can’t be blamed for thinking the project is one of these games. The shoe fits the rumors. 

But, all of this is just a guess as of now. No one knows for sure if the project will be a Chrono Cross Remaster or not. Similarly, we have no idea if Mitsuda is working on a Xeno game. So, it is anyone’s guess right now. It could be that the rumors are true and one of these games is in the works. But we are not 100 percent sure about that. 

The Tweet from Mitsuda has certainly got fans excited. The leaks lining up with the February reveal also help this theory. Both of these games have a huge fanbase. We will have to wait till February to see which game Mitsuda is composing. Whichever it is, it’s going to sound beautiful with his magic.

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